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Eli Roth is an amazing director that’s generally attached to high profile horror flicks like ‘Hostel‘ and ‘The Green Inferno‘. He’s changing up his MO and has signed on to helm a remake of one of the greatest action flicks of 1974 for MGM and Paramount – ‘Death Wish‘.


Charles Bronson was the man that ignited a long list of sequels starting with 1974’s ‘Death Wish‘ that was based on the Brian Garfield novel about a man going on a revenge spree after his wife is killed and his daughter is sexually assaulted. The flick set Bronson’s career as an action star careering on a new jag. The reboot will have another seasoned actor starring in A-lister Bruce Willis.

Roth is moving away from horror flicks and into more mainstream fare, his last project was ‘Knock Knock‘ and it debuted October of last year and starred Keanu Reeves. In addition to the ‘Death Wish‘ project, Roth will return to Discovery’s Shark Week where he will host ‘Shark After Dark‘ beginning June 26.


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