Drowning Pool kicks off tour

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 15th, 2011

Hi, MD here…

Drowning Pool started out their three month tour Friday night at Trees in Deep Ellum. Great show, tons of people (even the outside “smoking area” was expanded into the parking lot) and lots of excitement.

The last song of the set was “Bodies”, lead vocalist Ryan McCombs was pulled down on the ground by a member of the crowd and was be drug off stage. Security had to escort a few patrons out and according to bouncers of the venue (Trees) and facebook, Ryan is injured but gonna be alright. He is limping around – they think his ankle and ribs might have been involved in the injuries….

That’s the rock n’ roll life!

Drowning Pool has continued with their tour… they have not skipped a beat!

pictures courtesy of Matt Blake – www.fortworthphotoguy.com

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