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Mike Starr, original bassist of the grunge scene band Alice In Chains from the 90’s died in his Salt Lake City residence at 44 years old March 8, 2011.

According to http://www.examiner.com/pop-culture-in-oklahoma-city/oklahoma-rocker-jerry-cantrell-mourns-loss-of-former-band-mate-mike-starr?cid=parsely#parsely due to the time it takes to receive results of a toxicology report, the cause of death will not be determined for 8-12 weeks. However, an article written in the L.A. Times on March 10th mentioned that at this time a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Department did not see any evidence “to indicate that this was foul play by another individual.”

Apparently Starr was one of the last to see front-man Layne Staley of AIC before he died of an overdose in 2002 and then spent the third season on the VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab. He spent a lot of time of his therapy talking about Staley’s death. Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney are mourning the loss of their old friend and respecting Starr’s family.

The official public gathering for Starr’s memorial will be held on Sunday, March 20 between 4:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. at “The Fountain”  in Seattle, Washington.

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