There is a marvelous, cool, new vinyl box set from Mondo and it has all to do with Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. In this fantastic set of two soundtracks on six LPs, the entire score to both films is presented in full. There is new artwork on each album from Matt Taylor, liner notes, including a letter from the filmmakers, and an all-new hard-cover slipcase that you can store both albums in. It’s quite fancy.  Mondo has spared no expense with this fantastic set.

Mondo, in conjunction with Marvel Studios and Hollywood Records, are proud to present Alan Silvestri’s complete original score to 2018’s AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Silvestri’s score for the penultimate chapter of the Infinity Saga, INFINITY WAR, is full of triumphant bombastic beats and solemn down notes – perfect for one of the most shockingly tragic films of the genre.




1. The Avengers 2. Travel Delays (Extended) 3. Undying Fidelity 4. No More Surprises 5. He Won’t Come Out (Extended) 6. Field Trip 7. Wake Him Up 8. We Both Made Promises (Extended) 9. Help Arrives (Extended) 10. Hand Means Stop / You Go Right (Extended) 11. One Way Ticket 12. Family Affairs (Extended) 13. What More Could I Lose? (Extended) 14. A Small Price 15. Even for You 16. Morning After 17. Is He Always Like This? 18. More Power 19. Charge! 20. Forge 21. Catch 22. Haircut and Beard (Extended) 23. A Lot to Figure Out (Extended) 24. The End Game (Extended) 25. Get That Arm / I Feel You (Extended) 26. What Did It Cost? (Extended) 27. Porch 28. Infinity War 29. Old Tech 30. End Credits



 1. Totally Fine 2. Arrival 3. Where Are They? 4. Becoming Whole Again 5. I Figured It Out 6. Perfectly Not Confusing 7. You Shouldn’t Be Here 8. The How Works 9. One Shot 10. Snap Out of It 11. So Many Stairs 12. Watch Each Other’s Six 13. I Can’t Risk This 14. He Gave It Away 15. The Tool of a Thief 16. The Measure of a Hero 17. In Plain Sight 18. Whatever It Takes 19. Not Good 20. I Was Made For This 21. Tres Amigos 22. Worth It 23. Portals 24. The One 25. You Did Good 26. The Real Hero 27. Go Ahead 28. Main On End



By Bryan Kluger

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