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The Griswolds are back and have planned a new vacation. However it won’t feature Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo this time around, although they do make appearances here. This film follows Clark’s son Rusty (Ed Helms) and his wife (Christina Applegate), and their two kids as they embark on a road trip to Wally World. Rusty tells his family that it was the best time in his life and he wants hi own family to experience the fun and adventure of a family cross-country road trip. I guess they aren’t going to Hawaii again.

The new film looks very self aware and quite funny, including a Chris Hemsworth in a way you’ve never seen him, but have always wanted to. I’m looking forward to this sequel and reboot of the series, and it looks like they’ve done it right.¬†Ed Helms stars in the New Line Cinema reboot of the Vacation film series as Rusty Griswald, the son of Chevy Chase’s iconic character of the original four films. Horrible Bosses’ helmers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein write and direct.


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Dr. Kathryn Railly:
If you don't turn yourself over to the police, they're going to, to kill you, then they're going to shoot me too because I'm going to be the accessory to murder.
James Cole:
You're all gonna die.
Dr. Kathryn Railly:
Nobody is going to die! You're not going to save the world, okay? You're delusional. You've made all this up out of bits and pieces in your head.
James Cole:
Dr. Kathryn Railly:
Yes! Let me give you an example. You know Jeffrey Goines. You were both patients at County Hospital at the same time.
James Cole:
Jeffrey Goines was a fruitcake!
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