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Alright YouTubers, listen up! If you want to make a real, honest-to-God film with professional cameras, this opportunity is just for you! Legendary Entertainment has entered into a working relationship with YouTube that is an entirely new approach to the film making world. The duo are collaborating on ‘YouTube Space House of Horrors: A Legendary Halloween’. It’s getting into the fall, leaves MIGHT be falling from trees, if you’re in the mid-west like I am, leaves are dying off of heat exhaustion, but no matter how it happens, fall is approaching. Where you get fall, you get Halloween.







If you were trying to create an innovative style in making movies, you might reach out to a veteran filmmaker in the horror world, to help guide the way. That’s just what happened, as we can announce now that Guillermo del Toro is going to be advising YouTubers as they generate short horror films before selecting a winner who will receive $10,000!!! No, not really, but they will get a full development deal with Legendary.

If you didn’t think there could be more of a twist to this story, you’re looking at wrong in the rear-view mirror. Beginning on September 22, YouTube Spaces will become available to produce a horror short they have written. These YouTube Spaces are all inspired by Del Toro’s films and currently exist in Los Angeles, London, Tokyro and a new location in New York City about to open in November. The sets that are being provided come from DelToro’s films and include a great room from an old manor house lined with walls of books, a sinister and forboding staircase with gothic-inspired windows leading out to a haunted garden, a room filled with exotic and occult artifacts from around the globe, an abandoned solarium cluttered with over-grown plants, birdcages and weathered tools, the last set is a claustrophobic attic with dusty mirrors and art that may or may not be watching you all complete with a trap door. No matter how creepy each, individual set may be, the most chilling part of the rooms are that they are designed to be connected and make up the rooms of one singular house.

In order to get a shot at making a film that Del Toro himself will see, here’s what you need to do:

  • Get a YouTube Channel
  • Get at LEAST 10,000 subscribers
  • Become part of the YouTube Partner Program




That is what it’s going to take to be able to film in the production facilities and use its cameras and editing equipment for free. So far, over 3,000 videos have been produced at the L.A. space alone from around 500 channels. DelToro will personally select the most frightening videos to come out of each region and give a personal rough-cut creative consultation with the creators.

Oh yeah, there is a deadline , you have until October 27 to produce your films. The main goal for both Legendary and YouTube with this competition is to find a brave new voice of horror while rallying content creators with some programming initiative. “Legendary loves all things horror and we especially love Halloween,” Emily Castel, chief marketing officer at Legendary. “This is about reestablishing Guillermo del Toro as the definitive master of the horror genre he helped define,” Castel said.

Combining the global power of YouTube and the successful name of del Toro, this will help promote the latter’s return to the horror neighborhood with ‘Crimson Peak‘ being released by Legendary on October 16, 2015.

“I think it is important to find new voices in the genre,” Del Toro said. “Horror is such a unique way to express yourself at the most revealing, intimate levels — it can come from anywhere: domestic stories, historical research, the world news — it surrounds us and speaks through us. This is a great channel to see reveal fresh perspectives. Legendary’s Halloween and YouTube are perfect homes for them.”

Once the shorts are produced they will stream on their creator’s YouTube channels, the YouTube spaces channel, as well as Legendary’s YouTube channel. They will be promoted on social media platforms when the vids become available in the 10 days from Oct. 21 through Halloween. Obviously the winner will work with legendary to develop their story into a digital series or even a feature-length film.

This doesn’t mark the first time that Legendary has collaborated with YouTube Spaces. In the past there was a huge ‘Godzilla‘ campaign which garnered over 25 million minutes of views, leading the companies to consider other opportunities to work with YouTube talent. “We were astounded on the success of that and how the talent at YouTube responded to it,” Castel said.

We wanted to do something that let creators be more ambitious with their content,” said Liam Collins, head of YouTube Space LA, of studio partnerships like the one with Legendary. “Access to great intellectual property that Guillermo has developed over time is something you can’t buy. The fact that Legendary is making it available is really exciting.”


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