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Dwayne Johnson

If you smell what The Rock is cooking, it might be something from DC Comics. After months of speculation and rumors about what major character the former WWE champion will play in the upcoming DC Comics films, The Rock took to Twitter to announce his character. He will be playing Black Adam.

We knew he was going to be in the upcoming film ‘Shazam‘ for DC Entertainment, but we didn’t know which character he would play. Johnson has said before that Black Adam has always been one of his favorite characters, and since Black Adam has been an anti-hero for many years, The Rock is excited to play this fun role. Black Adam first appeared in 1945 in The Marvel Family and is known as a super villain or arch nemesis to Shazam.


But again, over recent years, he has become an anti-hero. Warner Bros. has nine DC comic book movies coming out, and we’re betting one of them is Shazam. But this is quite awesome. I can’t wait to see The Rock own this role.


By Bryan Kluger

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