You all should be seeing Red. And welcome to my first review done not by proxy. Willis brought a new era for action movies way back with Die Hard. It would make sense that he would again take a lead that takes action in a different direction. No, Red isn’t the revolution that Die Hard was. What it is: An awesome, fun action movie, populated by top tier actors. But top tier actors alone don’t make a movie great, especially not an action movie. What makes this movie great is the action and that it’s insanely fun even when the shooting isn’t going on.

The action has that feel of movies like Shoot Em Up or Crank insofar as they possess imagination. It was obviously crafted by someone who’s seen a ton of action movies, who likely turned to someone frequently and said “wouldn’t it be cool if…” and the person listening nodded excitedly and said “and then…” When clever people go through this process some excellent things happen.

Then the dialog. Mary Louis Parker and Bruce Willis absolutely delivered. The dynamic between the characters was great, especially these two. The basics of their relationship is that Wills receives retirement income from the government and tears up the check and calls her to have them resent. When “shit gets real” he’s pretty sure she’d be targeted due to his interest in her.. He comes to her rescue poorly and has to kidnap her for her own sake. Then you follow the two of them as Willis tries to figure it all out.

If you’re waffling check out the cast on imdb, otherwise just see it.


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