Has there really been three ‘Transporter‘ movies? Well yes, there has and the third and final one came out ten years ago in 2008. What is a ‘Transporter‘ anyway? It’s someone who is hired to deliver a package or person, mostly in dangerous situations. Jason Statham is the Transporter for all three films, which was conjured up by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) and the last two films directed by Olivier Megaton (Taken 2 and 3). It’s business as usual with this third film as Jason Statham is a Transporter headed to Russia with some nasty Russians on his tail.

Also, Statham has an explosive bracelet on his wrist in case he steps a few feet away from his car, which is basically a two hour Audi commercial. Explosions, gun fights, car chases and more are the main focus of the film – nothing more, nothing less. It’s fun but tired and predictable. Still, it’s great to see Statham still having a blast in this role. This comes with the 4K UHD Disc, Blu-ray, and Digital Copy, along with a great 4K video presentation and a killer Dolby Atmos audio track. All of the extras come from the DVD version of the film ten years ago. There are no new ones.


Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, the Transporter, in this explosive third installment of the action-adventure series. This time, Frank is presented an offer he can’t refuse and ends up with a mysterious passenger and a dangerous destination — calling for a new machine and new rules. The stakes are bigger, the enemy is deadlier, and the action has never been hotter.



  • Audio Commentary with Director Olivier Megaton
  • “Special Delivery: Transporters in the Real World” Featurette
  • “Making of Transporter 3” Featurette
  • Storyboards
  • Visual Effects
  • The Sets
  • Theatrical Trailer


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By Bryan Kluger

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