Dallas Fan Days Comic Con 2018!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 27th, 2018

A couple of times a year, Fax Expo HQ puts on a great Comic Book Show, complete with celebrities, voice actors, comic book artists and writers, and cosplayers. This year with Dallas Fan Days is no different, which took place on October 19-21st at the Irving Convention Center. This year, the big draw was ‘Dragonball Z‘, which the main voice actor Chris Sabat was in attendance and had a ton of people wanting his autograph and picture. Dallas Fan Days even had an entire Dragonball Z setup with cosplayers, artwork and statues. It looked great.

There was a big Doctor Who section with tons of fandom everywhere for the beloved series as well. Ray Park from ‘Star Wars‘ was in attendance as well as Jaleel White from ‘Family Matters‘. There’s a little something for every at this show, whether you’re into comic books, cosplay, action figures, anime, or mainstream movies and tv shows. The cosplay this year was out of this world too as you could tell a ton of people spend many hours on their costumes to impress the masses.

Please listen to our time at Dallas Fan Days in podcast form below.

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