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Good news, everyone. The new trailer for the upcoming mid-season of ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ is here and looks awesome. Disney XD has just released the trailer that tells us that the series will start up again on January 7th. If you haven’t watched this show yet and you’re a fan of ‘Star Wars‘, then get off your ass and watch all these episodes. They are damn good.

This third season picks up when the crew returns to Geonosis to search for a missing rebel team to investigate weird and strange activity, and of course are surprised at what they find and must hide it from the Imperial forces. In addition to that, Forest Whitaker will reprise his role in the animated show of ‘Rogue One‘ character Saw Gerrera, which is all sorts of cool. So enjoy the trailer and be sure to catch the show starting on January 7th on Disney XD.



By Bryan Kluger

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