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It’s not everyday you get to sit in a room with as much talent as I did today! While in attendance at this years Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX I discovered that they have a lesser known track aptly titled Fantastic Market. Fantastic Market host pitches from filmmaker literally around the world. On top of the pitches they have provided work-in-progress screenings, panels from industry greats such as Travis Stevens (Snowfort Pictures) and Ryan Turek (BLUMHOUSE) mixers and a ton of other events. 

As great as all of that is I still love the pitches the most. As a first year attendee to the festival I was amazed whom I sat next to in every event. Sales agents, distributors, producers, and directors. A true industry even in Austin and I freaking loved it! 


Among the gems I was able to screen were a few you have to be watching for. 


NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM is without a doubt one of the most badass short films I have ever witnessed and they are working on a feature. Director Christer “Chrzu” Windstorm and producer Jupe Louhelainen were in attendance and gave the pitch.


ZERCH is a tight story about a police detective investigating a missing person case that leads her to a body-snatching creature who uses humans as hosts in order to survive. Directed by J. Xavier, produced by Javier Gonzalez.


Another film that stood out was DIRT EATERS. A down-and-out woman befriends a squirm of intelligent carnivorous worms, and seeks revenge on the small town officials that turned their backs on her in this poli-sci-fi horror satire that evokes BLACK MIRROR and TREMORS.

Directed by Chris Nash and produced by Peter Kuplowsky and Shannon Hanmer this project walks a careful line between social commentary, horror and humor. Not an easy trick but one they seem to execute with ease.


Last on the watch for list is THE HOME. Directed by L. Gustavo and produced by Alix Taylor and Nick Phillips. This chilling trailer had the room silent. After the birth of her child, a young woman confined to a home for unwed mothers must fight for her survival as the home falls siege to a group of mysterious invaders.


The style and production value of their trailer was next to none in this competition.





By Bryan Kluger

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