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TCM has found a way to get into the streaming game in a most TCM way. Introducing FilmStruck, the first domestic subscription video-on-demand that launches October 19th and features a lot of the key aspects that make TCM your go-to channel for all things film. The streamer will host the largest streaming Library of Contemporary and Classic Arthouse, Indie, Foreign and Cult Films, as well as plans that will include the World-Renowned Criterion Collection a la The Criterion Channel .

A Room with a View (1985) Directed by James Ivory Shown from left: Helena Bonham Carter, Julian Sands

The subscription plan offers three different tiers to fit your budget and film needs. You can watch any way that works for you, be it in your home theater or on the run, the app is available on Amazon Fire TV, the web, iOS and Android Devices with more platforms and devices coming in the near future. In addition to the films available from these amazing libraries, there will be tons of extensive bonus content, filmmaker interviews and rare footage.

Here’s the breakdown of the three separate subscription tiers:

FilmStruck Subscription – $6.99/month – offering hundreds of constantly refreshed, hard-to-find and critically acclaimed films, plus exclusive bonus content including hosted introductions, originally produced pieces, interviews and rare footage

FilmStruck + The Criterion Channel Subscription – $10.99/month – offering everything in the FilmStruck subscription plus unlimited access to Criterion’s entire streaming library of films and special features, along with channel-exclusive original programming such as filmmaker profiles, master classes, and curated series by celebrated guests from the film world and beyond.

Annual Subscription – $99/year for FilmStruck + The Criterion Channel (a $30 annual savings)

FilmStruck is a departure from the timeless Hollywood classics that we offer at TCM and a genuinely distinct offering for the streaming marketplace, focusing on a thoughtfully curated experience around hard-to-find, critically acclaimed, independent films from the most celebrated libraries in the world,” said Jennifer Dorian, general manager of TCM and FilmStruck. “By combining the expertise at TCM and the Criterion Collection – two of the leading authorities in film preservation and history – we have created something really special that is a must-have for passionate film lovers.”

A Hard Day's Night (1964) Directed by Richard Lester Shown: The Beatles; (l-r) John Lennon, PaulMcCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison

The same attention to detail and mastery of curation will be present in the overwhelmingly large FilmStruck library. There will be over 70 constantly refreshed programming themes, hosted intros, original and exclusive projects that will support and expand the Criterion experience for seasoned veterans and newcomers to the collection alike.

Some of these themes include:

The Beauty of Italy
– a collection of films that highlight the beauty of Italy, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Alps

Cinema Passport- a monthly “franchise” showcasing the work of countries rich in film history and culture

Contemporary Israeli Cinema- see the country through the eyes of its people in this collection of modern works

Directed by Mike Leigh– highlighting the films that make this iconic director beloved by film festivals and critics and remind us that normal life is not always the norm

Early Kubrick- the early films of renowned director Stanley Kubrick show how this cinematic visionary got his start and ultimately found his way into moviemaking

Food for Thought -a collection of films that tickles the tongue by prominently featuring food

Icon- a bi-monthly “franchise” featuring the work of a different iconic star with each installment, beginning with legendary actors Marcello Mastroianni and Ingrid Bergman

The Masters- a monthly, director-focused “franchise” highlighting acclaimed directors including Akira Kurosawa, François Truffaut, Fritz Lang and Chantal Akerman

Neo Noir- explores a collection of celebrated films that pay homage to the gritty and dark genre

Panic Room- a monthly “franchise” that explores cult and indie horror film, hosted by actor-comedian Lucky Yates

Political Documentaries- exploring filmmakers who documented democracy in action.

World Discoveries- a monthly “franchise” hosted by film critic Alicia Malone spotlighting cinematic gems from burgeoning film industries around the world

Mad Max (1979) Directed by George Miller Shown: Mel Gibson

Some of the bonus and exclusive content will include:

Mini Documentaries – FilmStruck will offer in-depth looks at different franchises or themes each month, beginning with The Masters and Icons franchises, as well as the Political Documentary and Music by Michel Legrand themes

Point of View (POV) – celebrities and experts will offer their retrospectives on the various franchises and themes each month, including director Mike Leigh exploring his own work, and Edoardo Ponti discussing a collection of films highlighting the majestic Italian country side from the Beauty of Italy theme

Suplemental Material – FilmStruck will offer audio commentaries, original film trailers and filmmaker interviews to provide additional context and insight into the featured films.

Some of the hosted film introductions will come from the following:

Bill Hader – the Emmy® award winning actor will provide hosted introductions and insights into director Akira Kurosawa and screenwriter Sam Fuller

Alicia Malone – Film reporter, critic, TV host and writer Alicia Malone has been a correspondent for CNN, Access Hollywood, E!, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, MTV and Fandango, among others: she will host the monthly World Discoveries franchise in additions to various themes on FilmStruck

Lucky Yates – Actor and comedian Lucky Yates voices Dr. Algernop Krieger on FX’s Archer and will host the month Panic Room franchise in addition to various themes on FilmStruck

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