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Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood have teamed up in the heist flick ‘The Trust‘. It’s set in a location favorite of Cage’s, Las Vegas. He’s not drinking himself to death or escaping from prison this time like he did in ‘Leaving Las Vegas‘ and ‘Con Air‘, this time he’s a Vegas cop. His Stone and Wood’s Waters are partners who spend their days working in the evidence lockup. The pair come across the location of a hidden vault belonging to local drug dealers and immediately devise a plan to rob it of the riches they’re certain it holds. What they find instead begins an action-packed game of hide and seek with a deadly ending.


The movie will soon be available on a myriad of formats from DVD to Blu-ray plus Digital HD and Digial HD. The feature is currently available On Demand, but for a copy you can enjoy anytime you can pick those up on August 2 from Lionsgate.

Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD Special Features

  • The Dynamics of a Duo: Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood Featurette
  • The Visuals of Vegas Featurette
  • Audio Commentary with Dierctors Alex and Benjamin Brewer

By Bryan Kluger

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