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Gotham S2 DVD1

Warner Bros. announces that ‘Gotham: The Complete Second Season‘ will be available on Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD August 16, 2016. Fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the second season discs will have more than just the full season two to watch, the set will include numerous in depth featurettes including the Comic-Con Panel, those are always excellent viewing.


You will have the chance to get yourself all caught up and ready for the debut of season three when you get your hands on this immersive volume featuring a close up look at Gotham’s villains. All 22 episodes of the second season are offered, every heart-stopping second along with the funniest moments that didn’t make it to air in one of my favorite features of any production – the gag reel.

The cast is just as exciting and diverse as ever with Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, Donal Logue as Detective Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz brings home the darkness that surrounds young Bruce Wayne with Morena Baccarin, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova and Cory Michael Smith among a talented group of others. Darkness saturates Gotham in its triumphant second season as the city’s villains continue to rise from the shadows, each more ambitious and depraved than the last. As Penguin continues to solidify his control over Gotham’s underworld, the battle for power in the city has become a game of interesting alliances on both sides of the law – with detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock at the forefront of the fight against crime in the dangerously corrupt city. Season Two witnesses Gordon’s moral compass wavering as he confronts Gotham City’s most notorious criminals while simultaneously attempting to gain the trust of young Bruce Wayne, a boy now clearly on the path toward the man he is destined to be. And all the while, Gotham follows the intriguing origin stories and evolution of some of the city’s most infamous personalities, including Edward Nygma/The Riddler, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze.



· Gotham: 2015 Comic-Con Panel: Warner Bros. Television Presents a Night of DC Entertainment at Comic-Con 2015: Gotham
· Gotham by Noir Light: Gotham is deeply cast into the film noir technique and edgy attitude. The camera’s lens is able to pick up on the subtlety for the fans to enjoy a modern update to an age old tradition, of how to paint with shadow and light.
· Alfred: Batman’s Greatest Ally: This story is about Gotham’s take on the father/son bond between Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred. The depth of the mythology from the comic books comes to life on the series. Poignant and powerful.
· Cold Hearted – The Tale of Victor Fries: The mix of cold blood and a warm heart. We examine the humanistic melt-down of Victor Fries in pursuit of a cure for his love, Nora.
· Character featurettes

22 One-Hour Episodes
Damned If You Do
Knock Knock
The Last Laugh
Strike Force
By Fire
Mommy’s Little Monster
Tonight’s The Night
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
The Son of Gotham
Worse Than A Crime…
Mr. Freeze
A Dead Man Feels No Cold
This Ball of Mud and Meanness
Mad Grey Dawn
Into the Woods
A Legion of Horribles

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