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WWE’s Smackdown came to us from Moline, Il. It was a night where chaos continued to reign and the WWE Universe witnessed insanity in a fever pitch. The WWE Tag Team Titles were defended and Nikki Bella defended her sister’s honor. Did you miss the most exciting show on Thursday night? Find out what happened now!




Seth Confronts Kane Backstage

 As the night began, we saw our beloved champion with J & J Security in the office of the Authority getting pumped for the evening. Unfortunately, his night was spoiled by the presence of the Director of Operations, Kane. The Future of the WWE then confronted Kane for his heinous actions on Monday. The Corporate Demon attempted to justify that he had been hit twice, but Rollins cut him off saying that it was an accident but what Kane had done was inexcusable.

Kane’s inexcusable acts however were just getting started. He clearly has no idea what’s best for business any more as he thinks that he needs to make Seth a man by putting him in situations that could endanger his title reign. What did he do this week on Smackdown? he put the Savior of the WWE in a match against the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. But not to be out done, Seth challenged the former monster to finally do something relevant and make a name for himself again.



Kane vs Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns

 Roman Reigns came out to address the WWE Universe. He first gave a shout out to his boy, Dean Ambrose and wished them good luck against their little brother Seth Rollins (cue my Shield feels). He then went on to state that at Payback he would beat Rollins for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship. Before he could elaborate further, Kane’s music hit and he made his way down to the ring, but not before waving a referee down to join them.

The impromptu match began hard and heavy with the Director of Operations attempting to step up to our beloved champion’s challenge. He had Roman on the defensive but Reigns battled back and brought the fight right back to the Corporate Demon. And it appeared that Kane bit off a bit more than he could chew and ended up proving Rollins correct about his irrelevance as he gave up on the match altogether and walked out, giving Roman the victory via count out.

The match was enjoyable with Kane giving one of his better efforts as of late. I was a bit confused as to why he walked out, sure he was getting his ass beat, but he had to know that he was just proving Seth right. And above all, now the WWE Universe saw that Seth was correct too. Roman looked great in this match. he is riding high on the momentum from his victory over the Big Show and he is riding that wave straight to Payback. I will say on a side not, that calling Seth his and Ambrose’s little brother made my Shield Feels flair up.  Imma go over to the Network and watch old Shield matches now with my tissue while saying Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta.



Damien Sandow vs Curtis Axel

Winner: Damien Sandow

 After the events of Monday night that transpired between Sandow and Axel, it seemed that Curtis wanted retribution. Unfortunately for him, it did not happen. Damien Sandow out wrestled Curtis in every conceivable way and mocked him to boot. Best part of the match was when Curtis got knocked to the floor and Sandow went to join him. When Axel realized that Damien was beside him, BAM Damien threw an elbow to the face. The match returned to the ring and one You’re Welcome later, and Damien Sandow has a win under his belt.

Curtis Axel, you have reached Jack Swagger jobber status. Sorry bout your bad luck. Hey you could always attempt to go back down to NXT to make yourself relevant once again.Damien Sandow seems to be enjoying copying people. He imitated JoJo but gave himself a weight 8 pounds lighter than he is billed at. Who knew Damien was so vain about his weight? I do like what I’m seeing and I so so love that Damien is finally receiving the adulation of the WWE Universe. It’s about time!



Ryback vs Luke Harper

Winner: Ryback

Ryback was determined to dedicate his match to Bray Wyatt as an example of what the Eater of Worlds could look forward to if he continued to target the Big Guy. The two behemoths slugged it out and Ryback put his strength on display once more as he lifted Harper up for a vertical Suplex and held him there for a good long while before finishing the move. As hard as Harper fought, however, it was not near enough to put Bray Wyatt’s current target down for more than a 2 count. Ryback picked up the win after hitting Luke with a  meat hook clothesline that was immediately flowed up with a shell shock. After teh match, Bray Wyatt once again ambushed Ryback once again and left him in a puddle in the middle of the ring.

It wasn’t a super long match but it was a fun match. I have been uber impressed with Ryback lately and his ability to hold my interest. He has been on a roll lately and I do like seeing him in the ring against someone like Luke Harper. Course, Luke Harper is one of those who can hold his own against Ryback and even have a chance at beating him. The two are evenly matched, it just happened to be Ryback who came out on top this time. Though, he didn’t stay there as the Buzzards hovered signalling the end of the Hungry Man was near. Bray Wyatt’s attack was perhaps more vicious than Monday night. But it was just as enjoyable.


tag team

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The New Day

WWE Tag Team Title Match

Winner: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro 

This rematch for the tag team titles was everything and more in what would expect from a championship caliber match. The New Day and Cesaro & Tyson Kidd tore into one another and used every minute in the ring to try and tear the other team apart. The fact Droppers took the edge in this close contest of talented men. What gave Kidd and Cesaro the edge over the New Day was their team work. Whether it was the innovative way Cesaro saved Tyson from being thrown over the top rope to the double team attacks such as the Cesaro Spin paired with a sudden drop kick, these two never cease to amaze when they are competing. They nearly became two time WWE Tag Team champions but as the pin was made, Xavier Woods threw himself into the ring to break up the pin and force the DQ. So while Tyson Kidd and Cesaro won the match, the New Day retain their titles and live to fight another day.

The Rivalry here has become one of the more interesting things on WWE television. It has been so much fun to see Cesaro and Tyson develop as a tag team. It may have been a bit out of left field to pair them up but wow, they have destroyed any doubters that may have been spouting nonsense. The New Day is finally becoming interesting as well. who knew t took a walk on my side of the tracks to get me to care about them? I love the lengths that they will go to to win a match. Classic heel tactics. Remember, it’s only illegal if you get caught? And if you get caught, at least you retained your titles. Am I right?


Nikki Bella vs Cameron

Winner: Nikki Bella

 In a not so interesting turn of events, Nikki Bella took on Cameron. The match came about because Cameron was talking smack about Brie, who was not around, so Nikki felt it necessary to defend her sister’s honor. The match was closer than I ever imagined it could be. With Cameron in the ring with the Diva’s Champion, one would think it would be a bit of a squash match. However, Nikki had her hands full with her opponent and she pulled out all the stops to defeat her such as wicked submissions and leaping moves from the second ropes. But in the end all it took was a Rack Attack and Cameron was out.

These two ladies have improved leaps and bounds but I still do not like watching Cameron wrestle. Has nothing to do with her personality, she’s wonderfully arrogant and is convinced that she is the #1 Diva, but I just don’t like the way she moves in the ring. It doesn’t feel as smooth as it should be. Nikki has gotten better as well. I no longer cringe for the same reason. Perhaps all Cameron needs is more time in the ring to hone her craft. If that is the case… I’m too sober to wait that out…



Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Winner: Seth Rollins

 The match that the entire WWE Universe has been waiting for began explosively as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins clashed in one on one competition for the first time since their match at Hell in a Cell. It was an insane back and forth competition that kept the fans on the edge of their seats as Dean locked in submissions and flew threw the ropes and our beloved champion nailed his signature kicks and innovative moves that keep him at the top of his game.

However things began to break down as twice Seth was sent flying into Kane who went beserk once more and lashed out at an innocent Rollins. But it wasn’t just Seth who felt the ire of the Director of Operations as Dean Ambrose was also caught in what looked like the beginnings of a double chokeslam on the out side. But the Referee threatened to DQ him (wait he was in the match? how do spectators get DQed???) Kane however nearly grabber the ref by the throat before gaining his senses and his limited hold on sanity.

Through out the match J & J Security would make themselves felt when the ref wasn’t paying attention. Near the end of the match it was Dean concentrating on them and not the Savior of the WWE that would cost him the match. After the Lunatic Fringe double clotheslined them over the announce desk, Rollins took ahold of Ambrose and threw him into the steps before tossing him back in the ring and hitting his finisher (which still has no name) to pick up the win.

After the match, the members of the Authority had a bonding exercise as they beat Ambrose together to strengthen their ties together as a team. But Roman Reigns interjected himself in a matter that did not concern him and he made the save of his buddy Dean Ambrose. He superman punched Kane, tore through Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury and proceeded to laying a smackdown on the undisputed future of the WWE.  Rollins escaped and kane attempted to take care of the threats of Reigns and Ambrose. He failed miserably and Rollins had to retreat from the ring as Ambrose and Reigns celebrated.

Seth and Dean in a match is always going to be best for business. They really are wrestling soul mates and no matter how many times you throw them in the ring with one another, you get an amazing match that you never know what will happen next. Of course Seth won the match as per usual. But that Ambrose sure did put up one helluva fight. It is great to see Ambrose in the main event again. t’s been far too long since he played up here with his buddy Roman and the man who is superior to both, Seth Rollins. I do hope he gets to stay and play longer. He adds a bit of unpredictability that is just frantically fun to watch.



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