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The Royal Rumble is one of the most exciting matches that the WWE presents to its fans. It’s a 30 man over the top rope battle royal where the winner is guaranteed a shot at the WWE World Heavy Weight Title at Wrestlemania. The 2015 Royal Rumble event in Philadelphia, PA  saw championships defended, new comers prove why they are the best, and that family will always help family. The night was filled with nail biting matches, heart stopping suspense, and an ending that had the Philly fans expressing themselves as only they can. Let’s begin the Road To Wrestlemania and try not to get thrown over the top rope as we look at the 2015 Royal Rumble!



the ascesion

The Ascension vs The New Age Outlaws

Winner: The Ascension via pinfall

My beloved Ascension took on the New Age Outlaws in a battle that I hope is far from over. This match, while not a show stealer, was still fun to see. It began with Billy Gunn taking on Viktor to start and giving the former NXT tag team champion a run for his money. Road Dogg gets a tag in and continues the beat down but his show boating is what ultimately cost him as The Ascension took over and cut the ring in half. Konor and Viktor kept the D O double G secluded in their corner as they wore him down with submissions.  Momentum would shift, however when by some act of the Wrestling Gods, as Billy got the tag and proceeded to unleash all hell on both Konor and Viktor. The end came quickly though as quick thinking on Konor’s part, hung Billy on the ropes. This was a perfect set up for the Fall of Man to be executed and the Ascension picked up a sorely needed win against a tag team of note.

I do so love watching the Ascension do their thing. I do so love watching the New Age Outlaws. Watching them clash against one another was entertaining. It was’t the best match on the card but it certainly wasn’t the worst. These four men put on a decent match and I am not more than ever convinced that Billy Gunn has found the fountain of youth. Has he even aged? He looks just as good in the ring now, as he did back in the Attitude era. Road Dog as always is just fun to watch in ring. Not because he’s exceptionally good looking or all that technical, but he makes watching a match fun. Konor ad Viktor looked intimidating but almost felt like they went light on the Outlaws. Was expecting more power, less submission. But hey, Fall of Man still the most beautiful 2 man maneuver. Now, as stated above, I hope there is more on the horizon for these 2 teams. And if not, canwe please get the Ascension in the hunt for the tag titles?? Pretty please with sugar on top?



The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs the Usos

Tag Team Title Match

Winner: The Usos via pinfall

I’m not going to spend much time on this one. It was decent, all four men did well. Damien Mizdow, still the most over person in the bout (and that’s saying something for a Philly crowd) and even showing a bit more of his ability. He did save the match a couple times for his team. But, even his assists were not enough to bring the tag titles back to the Hollywood A lister as the Usos picked up the win. It was a good match but one we’ve all seen a million times. I like all 4 men, but the tag team division is stale. At least the part of the division fighting for the titles. The story between Miz and Mizdow has more intrigue than another Usos vs The Miz and Mizdow.  Like I said, it was decent for what it was, but they did not do anything memorable or to set it above their previous battles.



The Bella Twins vs Paige & Natalya

Winner: The Bella Twins via pinfall

 This match was a bit of a dark horse as it made it to my top 3 matches of the night (I know, not many matches on the card but seriously, it not being automatically last should tell you something given my disdain for main roster Diva’s competition). It began with Paige and Nikki taking it to one another with Paige getting the upper hand. Nattie was tagged in and continued the punishment. But the Bellas would get the upper hand and keep Natalya away from her partner. I will say I was impressed with the Queen of Hart’s strength when she was able to lift Nikki up into an electric chair. But she was’t able to make the tag to bring in her fresh partner. By the time Natalya had created enough separation to tag in Paige, she was thwarted by Brie, who pulled Paige from the apron and prevented the tag. This allowed Nikki to get the win with a brutal forearm to the face.

Good to see some entertainment in a Divas match. Not only was it entertaining, but it actually felt like the match belonged on the pay per view with its male counterparts. It was way better than I could have hoped and while Total Divas was mentioned, it didn’t take precedence in the match. It felt like the importance was given to the match not the reality TV show. I feel that there is a fatal four way for the title on the horizon, if this match is any indication of what that match would be like, then I am looking forward to it. Well done ladies.



Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Triple Threat Match for the World Heavy Weight Title

Winner: Brock Lesnar via pinfall

Brock Lesnar was ready to destroy his challengers, and destroy he did. There was no single man who could stop the Beast Incarnate. He delivered suplex after suplex, making the destruction of John Cena and the living breathing future of the WWE, Seth Rollins look easy. Only an unholy alliance between the leader of the Cenation and Mr. Money in the Bank had any effect on the World Heavy Weight Champion. Even then, Lesnar refused to stay down. Drop kicks to the Champion on the outside stunned him for a moment. And for a few minutes, it was just Cena and Rollins. But as Cena was doing his peek a boo act, Lesnar came up from behind and put an end to that nonsense right there.

Brock continued his pure domination of both men and again the abomination of an alliance was forged as both Seth and John realized that in order to have a chance at the title they needed to work together to take out Brock. Rollins delivered an incredible elbow from the top rope to the Spanish Announce table to a prone Brock Lesnar in what I can only describe as a last ditch effort to put a Beast to sleep.  It was this move that would keep the champion down and out and the paramedics to make an appearance ring side.

It became Cena vs Rollins as the Beast lay injured. AA’s and curb stomps were delivered but neither competitor would stay down. Eventually, Seth was able to get the upper hand just barely (this is after he kicked out of an AA like a boss). It was at this point Seth Rollins showed why he belongs in the main event. He will do what ever he needs to do to gain the win and at the same time, shut up all his nay sayers. Rollins landed a Phoenix Splash. What is that? One of the most amazing moves that can be done by a high flier and takes incredible skill to lad correctly without breaking your neck. But it is at this point that Brock comes back, like a serial killer at the end of the movie, this Beast will not stay down! The Champion makes short work of Cena as he tossed him from the ring and then finished off Rollins with an F-5 to retain his title.

I’m just gonna say, this was the best match of the night and not just because it involved Seth Rollins. All 3 men (yes even Cena, I have always given credit where it is due) gave everything they had and put it all on the line. This match was one of the best that I have seen in a long time. Seems most of my fav matches these days involve Seth Rollins. It is only a matter of time till he is champion. Do I wish it would have been last night? Well duh, what kinda stupid question is that? But If Rollins couldn’t win the title, at least Cena isn’t the Champion. Cena was typical Cena, kick out at two, get suplexed, ruin things for Seth. Brock was a destructive force of nature. He owned the match every time he was on his feet. It took the combined efforts of John Cena and Seth Rollins to put him down for an extended period of time. Seth as usual, went above and beyond to be the best performer in the ring. I am in awe of this man and I am at a loss of words to describe how truly amazing he is. This match was a spring board for his career and it is only a matter of time before everyone else Buys In to the Undisputed, living breathing embodiment of the Future of the WWE. Seth Rollins is the HERE AND NOW!



2015 Royal Rumble Match

Winner: Roman Reigns

 This match was the chaos filled storm of flying bodies we knew it would be. There were surprise entrants that made me squeal in delight and eliminations that nearly made the Philly crowd riot (some would argue they did in some ways after it ended. Shame on you people, get over it.) Bray Wyatt dominated as he eliminated superstar after superstar. Rusev was also impressive in his ability to stay in the match and make eliminations. Daniel Bryan looked strong and was a huge favorite. Unfortunately, he was eliminated and the Philly crowd was pissed! I can honestly say I’ve never seen a crowd so livid. Roman Reigns came in and began to kick ass as well, but the crowd was not behind the Samoan Superman. Things seemed to get better once Dean and Dolph entered, they weren’t out right hostile. But then Big Show and Kane eliminated the Show Off after a knock out punch. Dean was later eliminated leaving Big Show and Kane face to face with Roman.

They preceded to beat Reigns like a red headed step child.  But as often happens in the Royal Rumble when competitors realize what is at stake,  ego gets the better of Kane and big Show and they began to fight. This dysfunction allowed Roman to eliminate them both and the bell rang signalling Roman as the Winner (and the crowd was beyond livid. They really did not want Roman to win. They felt cheated.) Big Show and Kane jumped back in the ring and continued their merciless double team. This prompted the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, and Reigns’ cousin, the ROCK to come to the aid of his family. The Smackdown was laid down on both their candy asses. But wait… there’s more! Rusev was never eliminated and he erupted from out side the ring to attempt to dethrone Roman. But instead he ate a spear and was promptly tossed over the top rope making Roman Reigns the official winner not once but TWICE. The two Samoan cousins celebrate amid the displeasure of the crowd.

I enjoyed the rumble and I am pleased with the winner. Yeah, I know people are pissed. To the point where they are canceling their WWE Network subscriptions. To them I say. GROW UP YOU BIG BUNCHA BABIES!!! I mean seriously, so what if Bryan didn’t win. When has that EVER stopped the little troll doll that could? Dean Ambrose didn’t win? He was MY pick and you don’t see me pitching a fit. Dolph didn’t win? Waah, let me get you a tissue. You have issue with Roman winning? Why? Cuz YOU don’t think he’s ready? Because he’s being “forced” on fans? Are you a fan of professional wrestling? Or only when things are going how you think it should? Often times I don’t get what I want in a match, and WWE makes me scratch my head and wonder what the creative team is smoking to think that something made sense (break up of the Shield anyone?). But you know what? I LOVE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! GOOD, BAD, AND ILLOGICAL alike.

Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble is not the end of the world. It is not the end of professional wrestling. I admit, I think he is green and unproven as a main eventer. But that just means I get the pleasure of watching him blossom into the main event competitor that the WWE sees him to be. They have been in the business a whole lot longer than me or you or any fan. We can state our opinion but I do believe that the WWE higher ups do what’s Best for Business (break up of the Shield led to Ambrose vs Rollins, the best rivalry of 2014). And while most of the fans may not understand the logic now, and even fight and boo and act like damn fools, in the not so distant future, we will look on this as a turning point in Reigns’ career. I believe in Roman Reigns. I believe in the WWE. And I am a fan no matter what they do and whether I agree with it or not.


Entrance Order:

  1. The Miz
  2. R-Truth
  3. Bubba Ray Dudley 
  4. Luke Harper
  5. Bray Wyatt
  6. Curtis Axel (Never made it to the ring.)
  7. The Boogey Man
  8. Sin Cara
  9. Zack Ryder
  10. Daniel Bryan
  11. Fandango
  12. Tyson Kidd
  13. Stardust
  14. Diamond Dallas Page
  15. Rusev
  16. Goldust
  17. Kofi Kingston
  18. Adam Rose
  19. Roman Reigns
  20. Big E
  21. Mizdow
  22. Jack Swagger
  23. Ryback
  24. Kane
  25. Dean Ambrose
  26. Titus O’Neil
  27. Bad News Barrett
  28. Cesaro
  29. Big Show
  30. Dolph Ziggler

Elimination Order:

  1. The Miz
  2. R-Truth
  3. Bubba Ray Dudley
  4. Luke Harper
  5. The Boogey Man
  6. Sin Cara
  7. Zack Ryder
  8. Tyson Kidd
  9. Diamond Dallas Page
  10. Fandango
  11. Daniel Bryan
  12. Adam Rose
  13. Kofi Kingston
  14. Goldust
  15. Stardust
  16. Mizdow
  17. Titus O’Neil
  18. Big E
  19. Ryback
  20. Jack Swagger
  21. Bad News Barrett
  22. Cesaro
  23. Dolph Ziggler
  24. Bray Wyatt
  25. Dean Ambrose
  26. Kane
  27. Big Show
  28. Rusev



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Prowrestling is my passion. I've always enjoyed Heels over faces but I will always call it how I see it. Just cuz there's a heel doesn't mean I'll like them and yes, the occasional Face does make my list of awesome. Seth Rollins i my hero and inspiration. He is the living breathing future of the WWE and I support him and will fan girl out every time I see him on screen or at an event. Yep, I'm a proud member of the Rollination, I drink the Buy In Koolaid, and I am a bonafide Sethaholic.

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