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Good news, everyone. Bill Murray and director Sofia Coppola are teaming up again for a Christmas special for television. If you’ve seen Murray on ‘SNL‘ or in his recent excellent film ‘St. Vincent‘, you would see and hear him singing a variety of songs. Most recently the Bob Dylan song ‘Shelter from the Storm‘. This upcoming Christmas Special he has planned will involve him singing as well. And that my friends, is one exceptional holiday gift I didn’t expect.

Murray told Variety that he intends to star in this upcoming special, which I hope is called ‘A Very Murray Christmas‘, and will sing holiday songs, hopefully with cameo guest stars. The special will be directed by Sofia Coppola who directed him in ‘Lost in Translation‘. We don’t know much about this special yet, but Murray did say, “It’s not going to be live. We’re going to do it like a little movie. It won’t have a format, but it’s going to have music. It will have texture. It will have threads through it that are writing. There will be prose. It will have a patina style and wit to it. It will be nice.”


Coppola went on to say, “We’re working on a Christmas special. Not sure when it will air, but my motivation is to hear him singing my song requests.” This might be the Christmas special since the ‘Star Wars’ special all those years ago. And let’s hope that an album comes up prior to this. And let us not forget that Murray is no stranger to Christmas. He was in the amazing film ‘Scrooged‘, where he indeed did sing holiday songs. I can’t wait for this.


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