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All the geeks of the world can now rejoice. Warner Brothers has now acquired the rights to create a new movie based off Dungeons and Dragons, the game we all played in school but are ashamed to admit to as adults. The script, called “Chainmail” is already in the works headed by David Leslie Johnson (‘Wrath of the Titans‘). This script was acquired last year as a free-standing project for another game that D& D creators Gary Gynex and Dave Ameson also created. It is now being redone to fit for D & D crowd and being produced by “The Lego Movie” producers Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon. You will remember that Solomon produced the 2000 Dungeons and Dragons film that starred Jeremy Irons. Hopefully, this new one will be better than that hot mess.

So why come out with this movie now? Well, with all the success of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones‘ and Peter Jackson’sThe Hobbit” added with the excitement that these shows create around the world of fantasy, it is expected that the studio will fork over the cash to create a potential box office cash cow. Since the game came out in 1974, it has generated more than $1 billion in books and merchandise. $1 billion! The studio is hoping that this movie will introduce this mind using game to a generation that has embraced the video game. Personally, I would go see this in the theaters for the special effects and the nostalgia of seeing my childhood on the big screen.

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