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Hello  ‘Walking Dead‘ fans!! I hope you are as pumped about last night’s episode like I was. Let’s get straight to it.  Rick is checking the parameter of the prison. He looks at and sees Michonne getting out of a prison bus. He pans around and sees Ghost Lori again, this time but the graves. He runs down from his post to go see her. As he comes upon the grave, she disappears and reappears outside the gate. He runs, unlocks the gates, and runs up to her on a small bridge, by a stream, right outside the prison gate. Ghost Lori puts her hand on his face and he relaxes. Michonne witnesses the entire event with awe and confusion.

In Woodbury, The Governor goes and sees Andrea in her room. He tells her that there will be no retaliation on the prison.  She wants to go see her friends. He tells her that he is not fit to lead the people in the town, but she is.   He believed that Milton would find a cure for his daughter. He says that he needs time to get himself together  and for her to take over while he is doing that.


Merle and Daryl are in the woods hunting for food.  Daryl is complaining how he is unable to find food. Daryl talks about going to the stream to find food and Merle talks about  Daryl trying to get   Merle back to the prison where it is safer. Merle  tells him that The Governor has probably already attacked that prison and killed everyone in it.  They then argue some more about their tracking skills and head towards the stream to fish.


In the prison, Glen is drawing a map of the prison and talking to Carl about where he found Harrison’s group in the prison. Glen talks about reinforcing the wall in case The Governor comes back. Michonne tells the group about how The Governor keeps souvenirs of the walkers in fish tanks and that he will attack the prison. Glen wants him and Michonne to go to Woodbury to attack and kill the Governor. Hershel reminds Glen that The Governor did not know that they were coming last time and looked at what all happened. Hershel tells Glen that Rick would never allow this and Glen tells Hershel that Rick is not in a place to make that decision. Hershel says that they should leave the prison and live on the road again, instead of  sitting there waiting. Glen said that they can’t run with the baby and Hershel only having one leg. Maggie walks off and goes up to her bed. Glen decides that they are going to stay put and reinforce the walls.


The Governor surprises Milton in his lab. Milton is listening to alpha waves with some headphones. The Governor tell him that he has been invaluable and asks if he intends to stay. Milton says that “leaving has never crossed my mind” The Governor says good and that he counts on him for not only his expertise but also as a friend. The Governor says that he counted on Merle as well and that Martinez is a good soldier and would take a bullet for him.  He asks Milton if he would and Milton says that he would. He tells Milton that he is not sure where  Andreas loyalties lie. Milton can understand how there would be some doubt and the Governor tells Milton to keep tabs on her for him.


Andrea walks up to the wall and asks Karen where Martinez is. Karen says that he is gone and Andrea asks who he left with. Karen looks around and after Andrea tells her that “It’s OK, you can tell me.”, Karen tells her that “She don’t know anything.” Andrea then turns around and runs up to Milton and he says that she startled him. She asks where the Governor is and he says “Out on a run?”. She asks if that is an answer or a question. She asks on a run for what and he says supplies. Milton tells her that he will be back in a little while. It is obvious that there is information being kept from Andrea.


Glena and Carl come back from the boiler room and says that the area is overran by walkers again. Hershel says that they are wasting time, the Governor is on his way and they are being overran by walkers. Glen says that they are not going to run. Everyone else is starting to get worried about staying at the prison. Glen decides to drive to the far side of the prison and check it out.He also says that he will take Maggie and Hershel asks if he’s sure she is up for it. Glen goes and finds Maggie in her cell. Glen asks where she has been and that they need to go find out how the walkers are getting in. Glen tells her that they need to talk about what happened. Maggie asks if she does or if he needs to. Maggie tells Glen what happened in Woodbury. Glen asks if he raped her and she said no. Maggie tells him that it was either she take off her shirt or they take off Glens hand. She had to listen to him get the shit beat out of him in the next room.  Glen tells her that he is sorry and she smacks him in the chest and then pushes him out of her cell. She tells him to go away since he now has her answer.


Carol and Axel are reinforcing the breezeway in case of an attack. They are talking about how Axel got put into prison by holding up a convenience store with a water pistol. The police found his brothers 38 and charged him with armed robbery. Axel tells Carol that he does not really know how to shoot a gun so she shows him how hers works. After she does that we tells her that she is “Quite a lady” She blushes, smiles and walks away.


Merle and Daryl are arguing which river they are coming up to. Merle tells Daryl that his skills are off and that they are not near the Yellow Jacket Creek. Merle then wants to bet Daryl and Daryl tells him no and asks why everything is a competition. Daryl hears a noise that sounds like a baby. They run up to a bridge and see two men fighting off a bunch of walkers. Daryl runs to help them and Merle says that he doesn’t to help them. When they run up, they see a woman in a car with a child and a walker trying to get through the back. Daryl runs up and helps the two, non-English speaking, men with the walkers. After they clear all the walkers, Merle opens up the back door of their car to go through their stuff. Daryl aims his bow at Merle and tells him to get out of the car. He then tells the men to get into their car and drive away. The sign next to the creek says Yellow Jacket.


Merle and Daryl walk away and begin to fight about helping the people out. They begin to fight about what happened on the roof and how Daryl went back for him. Daryl told Merle that it was his fault anyways. They then talked about what happened as kids and Merle asked if that is why he lost his hand. Daryl called him a “simple minded piece of shit” and Merle lunges towards him, tearing Daryl’s shirt in the back. Scars from Daryl’s childhood are exposed and Merle says that he had no idea that their father was doing that. Daryl says that is why Merle left the house first. Daryl gets up and starts walking to the prison. Merle says that he cannot go there after everything that he has done. Daryl tells Merle “ I may be the one walking away, but you are the one leaving..again” Merle stands there with tears in his eyes and watches Dayle walk away. He then follows him.


Glen is walking towards the truck and Hershel is following him. Glen turns around and Hershel asks him if he is going back to Woodbury. Hershel tells him he can go with him and Glen says no. Hershel asks if that is a good idea and Glen says that he cannot just sit on his hands and not do anything. Hershel talks about the formula run and how everything got crazy and how he still trusts Maggie’s life with him. Hershel says that the rage Glen has will get him killed. Glen tells Hershel with Daryl gone and Rick walking crazy-town that he is the next in charge. Hershel asks what is he proving. Glen gets in the truck and drives away. Hershel then sees Rick walking around outside the gate. Beth brings the baby to Maggie and asks for help to feed her. Beth gives the baby to Maggie and shows her how to feed. Maggie begins to tear up and break down as she feeds the baby.


Hershel is now heading towards the fence and calling out for Rick. It is obvious that Rick is not paying any attention and is still looking for Ghost Lori. After a few calls, Rick finally sees Hershel. Rick walks over to the gate and Hershel tells Rick that he would not have hobbled all the way down there if it wasn’t important. Hershel asks Rick if he is coming back soon. He tells him that Glen is on a warpath and they need him back.  Rick tells Hershel if he is so worried about Glen that he should lead. Hershel asks Rick what he is doing and Rick looks around and tells him that he has stuff out there. Hershel asks how much longer does he need and Rick begins to tell him how he has seen Ghost Lori and Ghost Shane. Rick wonders what it means since he is seeing them. Hershel says that Rick is looking for them.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Carol and Axel are talking about how Rick is starting to break and what happened when Axel was in prison. Axel is then shot in the head in front of Carol. Michonne hears the shot and jumps behind the bus. You then see the Governor with a gun pointed and realize that not only is the one who shot Axel but he is now attacking the prison. Martinez then comes out of the woods and begins firing on the prison. You also see that someone got onto the guards tower and is also shooting at them. Rick and the gang return fire  and there is a fight for a few minutes. You then see what looks like a food truck coming at full speed down the road. The truck plows through both of the prison gates and stops in the middle of the field where Hershel is. The back door of the truck opens up and a dozen walkers come out while the driver gets out, in full armor, and runs back towards the Governor while shooting at the prison. You do not see the drivers face. During all of this the Governor is laughing at what is going on. There is more firefight as Rick is trying to get in the prison gates. Hershel is killing the walkers and trying to get out out of there. The Governor is leaving the scene as Glen is driving up. Glen gets in the gate and picks up Hershel and Michonne and takes them to safety.  Rick runs out of bullets and is trying to get a walker off when one of Daryl’s arrows goes into the head. Rick pushes the walker off and sees Daryl and Merle coming up and  they start killing walkers alongside him. Rick is happy to see Daryl, but not Merle. The last scene is Rick, Daryl and Merle being on the outside of the fence and the rest of the group being on the other side,with both sides looking at the field full of walkers.


My comments on this episode are few until I see what happens in the next couple of episodes. Rick seeing Ghost Lori right before the attack has me wondering if she will be a warning when there are significant events coming. I believe that the dynamics of the group are changing and will find it interesting to see if there will be a power struggle between Rick and Glen. I am also interested in how Merle coming back will fit into the scenario.  Is he slowing changing and becoming more “human” or will he turn on everyone when it bests suits him? How about Glen and Maggie? Is the Governor done or is he planning more retaliation? There are more questions than answers on this episode. I look forward to what the season holds.




By Bryan Kluger

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