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 We don’t usually post stuff like this on here, but this was too good to not share with you folks.  Last night on the ‘Colbert Report‘, Stephen Colbert premiered brand new scenes from ‘Breaking Abbey‘.  Confused?  Well it was the cast of ‘Downton Abbey‘ spoofing ‘Breaking Bad‘ with stars Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, and Rob James-Collier cooking meth and dealing with baddies.  It was amazing.  So don’t forget, the season 3 premiere of ‘Downton Abbey‘ premieres on January 6th, with the last season of ‘Breaking Bad‘ airing in the summer. Enjoy the video.

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2 Responses to “The ‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Spoofs ‘Breaking Bad’ on the ‘Colbert Report’!!!”

  1. Marc Says:

    Holy hell that was great…yeah, take THAT Obama:) Awesome post!

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    Ha. Yeah, was hilarious.

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