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The third volume of these Fur Flying Adventures are here and they are quite a bit of fun to watch, just like the previous two volumes.  These cartoons still hold up and despite no extras and this not being on bluray, all still seems to be right in the world when there is Tom and Jerry on the screen.  Am I right?



There is something about the chemistry between this cat and mouse duo that I have always loved.  There is a certain charm and wit displayed on screen with those two characters as they chase one another and their plans get foiled.  I always found it interesting how much they say without even talking.  Their supporting characters always talk, but rarely, if at all, do Tom & Jerry speak.  I especially love when Tom & Jerry take a break from their usual cat-and-mouse-chase-routine and team up to tackle their conflicts together.  It always made me cheer for them together.  There are 14 cartoons in total here, and they are all top notch Tom and Jerry episodes.  The cartoons include: Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life ,Bad Day at Cat Rock, Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary, Beach Bully Bingo ,A Life Less Guarded, Northern Light Fish, Doggone Hill Dog, Love Me, Love My Mouse,Sasquahed, Shutter Bugged Cat, Snow Mouse, The Unshrinkable Mouse,Spook House Mouse, and Don’t Bring Your Pet to School Day.  Each of the episodes were a joy to watch.  My favorites and the ones that got the most laughs were; Doggone Hill Dog, Beach Bully Bingo, and A Life Less Guarded.



The film is not in HD, meaning it does NOT have that glorious 1080p transfer.  It is presented in its original full frame 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  For not being in HD, it surprisingly looks really good.  These were remastered and the animation looks clean, clear, and polished up a bit.  The audio has a mono Dolby digital mix  and sounds decent.  Not the best thing I have heard, but still pretty good.  Everything is on the front speakers and this is a mostly a score and FX heavy disc, and it seems to be presented nicely.  I wish it was a fuller sound.








I really do enjoy watching these cartoons.  I only wish they were in HD and they had some extras on there.  But you can’t complain, because they are under $10.  If you are a fan of Tom and Jerry, I highly recommend picking up these volumes despite the flaws, because they are really great cartoons.  Plus if you have kids, they will love this cat and mouse duo.  If under $10, I’d pick it up.  You can pick it up for under $10 straight from the WB Shop HERE.  Or you can get it for under $10 at Amazon.



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