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Luke O’Brien, a washed up janitor turned night law student, decides to sue Satan for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan’s legal team are 10 of the country’s best trial lawyers. The entire world watches on Legal TV to see who will win the Trial of the Century.

A FrumpyGrumpus Snap Judgement:

I would spend good money to see Malcolm McDowell kick people that irritate him. Suing the devil seems like a grand idea.. the father of all evil. The keeper of the damned. Maybe it is just me, but this is one mofo I would not fuck with in a court of law. Or a Dunkin’ Donuts. Anyone else want to sing about the different levels of hell with the Robot Devil?

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Movie Quotes

Frank Mercer:
[narration from Frank's letter to Roy] Dear Roy, You're probably pretty upset. I don't blame you. You taught me most of what I know, so I suppose I owe you better than this. But you always told me if I ever got a shot at a big score, I should take it. And that's what I did. Sorry about the sap on the head, by the way, and for everything else. You always said guys like us can't afford to have regrets about what we do. That's gonna be a little harder for me, but I'll manage. If it makes any difference, you're the best I ever saw. I'd never find a better partner, and now I won't have to. I love you, man. Frank. P.S. Enjoy the gift.
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