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Here is a film that is directed by John Sayles of ‘Silver City’  called ‘Amigo’.  IMDB says: “The U.S. occupation of the Philippines in 1900 provides the backdrop to this story of squad of American soldiers who occupy a village and learn how to live and negotiate with the natives. They focus on the local head man who finds himself torn between loyalty to his family and the Americans.”  Not sure how good this will be, but we will see.  Your thoughts?

Sparky Shagwell’s Snap Judgement:

I think this movie is going to be the suck. From the trailer, it makes me hate Americans and all we stand for in the name of peace and the greater good. There is no way to fairly or equally depict each side and their reasonings. But, I do love pancit and adobo chicken… so I am cheering for the local Filipino in the end.

By Bryan Kluger

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