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Was Randle McMurphy a hero or an anti-hero. It’s a fine line for sure, but I’d like to think R.P. McMurphy was a good guy deep down, even though he was a bit off-kilter. In fact, it’s been stated and written down many times before that his arch rival Nurse Ratched is one of the most horrific villains in movie history. McMurphy, played by a 30-something Jack Nicholson is an amazing character. He’s passionate, creative, fun, spontaneous, and has no filter with what he thinks or says. Some would say he is a genius in this regard. Hell, he did convince a ton of people that himself and the rest of the psychiatric patients were indeed famous professors and doctors to the townsfolk as they stole a boat and went sailing.

On the other hand, Nurse Ratched is calm, cool, collected, but wholly evil, as she never strays from the rules, only adheres to discipline, and pretends to care and be your friend, but is quick to stab you in the back for her own sick excitement. It’s a fascinating story of two opposite personalities and how a hospital dictatorship can ruin lives. Made by Milos Forman and produced by Michael Douglas (yes Basic Instinct Michael Douglas), One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest certainly struck a chord with audiences. Its a fantastic, funny, and tragic movie, which is based off of Ken Kesey’s novel of the same name. The film went on to win numerous Oscars and is still regarded as one of Nicholson’s best performances.

This particular scene is a magnificent work of art and shows both the horrible Nurse Ratched’s personality and evil motives as well as McMurphy’s innocent request. The scene is set inside the psychiatric ward where the patients are attending group therapy. The subject of the big baseball game comes about, where McMurphy asks if they can turn on the game on the one television in the big room. Thinking that it will upset some people, Nurse Ratched calls a vote, which is rigged in Ratched’s favor, although at the last minute the big Indian Chief raises his hand to seal the win for McMurphy to watch the game. Ratched, being the evil bitch she is, doesn’t allow for the television to be turned on, which has McMurphy act out for a split second.

Then, he has an epiphany of sorts, and even though the television is a blank black screen, he starts commentating the baseball game as if he were watching it live, describing the players, the beautiful field, the plays, the strikes, and even the ballpark food. This incites the rest of the patients to cheer for the game as if they’re watching it too, leaving Nurse Ratched trying to maintain order and get her way. It’s a fantastic scene that will always stick with me.






	Hoo-wee! Man, all I need me now is
	a can of beer and a red-hot.

Cheswick gets up and starts across when --

	Sit down, Mister Cheswick.

Cheswick stops and stands there, helpless to move.


McMurphy is deep into the game.


On the screen a great play is taking place, and at the
breathtaking moment the TV picture swirls into a little eye
of light -- then nothing.


The Acutes are left with their mouths hanging open.

		(over loudspeaker)
	I want you men to return to your
	proper places. The group meeting is
	not over!

McMurphy continues looking at the blank TV screen as the
Acutes look from McMurphy to Big Nurse, not knowing what to
do next when --

		(jumping up and shouting
		at the blank TV screen)
	A hit! It's a hit! He's rounding
	first, heading for second. Here
	comes the throw. He's sliding...
	and... he's safe! He's safe!
		(McMurphy whistles and
		claps his hands)
	Hoo-wee! Whatta game! Whatta game!
	Come on, Koufax! Strike 'em out!

The Acutes are stunned at McMurphy's outburst.

		(over loudspeaker)
	Mister McMurphy, you are
	deliberately violating the

	He's into his wind-up. Here comes
	the pitch. Strike on the inside

Sefelt, Fredrickson, Billy and Taber get up and cross toward
the TV. Harding is the only one who doesn't join them.

		(over loudspeaker)
	You men remain seated!

		(focusing in on TV screen)
	He's into his wind-up. Here's the
	next pitch... and it's a hit! It's
	a hit!

		(jumping up and down)
	I saw thum! I saw thum!

	Me, too! Me, too!

	Yes, I see it! I see it!

		(on his feet, shouting)
	Ya-hoo, let's'play ball!

The other Acutes pick up on McMurphy and start shouting at
the blank TV screen.

	It's a hit! 
	A triple! 
	It's a home run! 
	A double! 
	He's out! 
	Whadaya blind? 
	He's safe by a mile! 
		(AD LIB)

		(over loudspeaker)
	You boys, stop this and go to your
	assignments! Mister McMurphy, I
	want you to set an example...

	'Kay, it's two outs, bases loaded
	as Koufax steps up to the mound...
	Checks the runners... goes into his
	wind-up... Here comes the three-two
	pitch... And it's a fly ball into
	deep center. Mantle is going back.
	He's going back! Back! His back is
	up against the wall... and... he
	catches it! He catches it!

The Acutes are shouting, cheering, stomping and dancing in
each other's arms.

		(over loudspeaker)
	You men stop this! Mister
	Washington! Miller! Warren!

Big Nurse's last words overload the intercom and the system
peaks out. Big Nurse's mouth continues to work in frantic
circles as Washington, Miller and Warren rush to quell the

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