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Netflix announced today that they will be giving a second season to ‘The OA‘, which is just fantastic news. The first season, which premiered all eight episodes on Netflix in December, was a huge hit and starred Brit Marling with direction by Zal Batmanglij on all eight episodes. Brit and Zal have worked together before. You need to see their work on ‘The Sound of My Voice‘ and ‘The East‘.

Netflix did not give a premiere date nor an episode count yet, but I’d imagine it will be early next year or in December again, before we get more of ‘The OA‘. If you haven’t watched this show yet, I highly suggest you do. Marling plays an adopted blind girl who goes mysteriously missing for seven years. She suddenly re-appears, but can see clearly now. She has some strange scars on her back too.

She doesn’t tell her story to her adoptive parents or the police, but rather tells her story to a group of people in her neighborhood, who help her find other “missing” people. I’m just glad we are getting a second season, because Marling and Zal are known for leaving us hanging without sequels to some big cliffhangers in their films. Hooray for Netflix!


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