The Dawson To Star In ‘What Would Diplo Do?’!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Jan 5th, 2017

Hey guys, Jana here,


James Van Der Beek is headed back onto the small screen in a scripted comedy series that the Dawson has written and executive produced with executive producer and Grammy winner, DJ Diplo. The project comes from Viceland, which is a team effort for Vice Media and A+E Networks. ‘What Would Diplo Do?’ has been green lighted for a six episode run where Van Der Beek will also take on the showrunner mantle. Music video guru Brandon Dermer has been tapped to direct and it will premiere sometime later this year.

The lowdown on the show described by Van Der Beek is “Louie meets WorldStar HipHop crossed with This Is Spinal Tap, Van Der Beek plays a fictional version of DJ superstar Diplo in a collection of parables about life as told through the eyes of guy who can bring 60,000 people to their feet… but kind of sucks one-on-one. “The show doesn’t take itself too serious but it’s not cynical.”

The story began with an online concert promo Van Der Beek  appeared in for ‘A Day in the Life‘ for Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party. Outside of having fun with it, he didn’t expect it to go further, but it’s going so much further now. A scripted show that has this much room for going off book to improv? Hellz Yes! I want to see it!

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