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Based on the iconic cult movie franchise, the all-new revenge thriller television series ‘Wolf Creek: Season One‘ arrives on DVD March 21 from Lionsgate. The season is currently available on Digital HD. John Jarratt reprises his role as the murdering psychopath of the Australian Outback, Mick Taylor.

After her family is brutally murdered in the Australian outback, American college student vows to bring serial killer Mick Taylor to justice – or die in the attempt.


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John JarrettWolf Creek‘, ‘Wolf Creek 2
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· “Cinema to Series: The Legacy of Wolf Creek” Featurette
· “Making a Television Series” Featurette
· “Meet the Stars” Featurette
· “Discovering the Outback” Featurette
· “Visual Effects” Featurette
· “Meet the Supporting Cast” Featurette


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