Hey guys, Jana here,


September 14, 2016 will see the sixth season of ‘American Horror Story‘ debut on FX. The looming question for each new chapter in the AHS anthology is “What will this season’s theme be?” We don’t have anything definitively stated from FX or the showrunners, but we can do some deductive thinking on the teasers that have been given along the way.

We see what looks like a farmhouse sitting in an open and secluded field with the sound of a chainsaw in the background, so maybe it’s a bit of a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘ with a little bit of ‘The Hills Have Eyes‘ twist on it. I’m always blown away by AHS and I get really excited before each season because of the horrors we will be surprised with, but this one is one of the most exciting for me. 48 Days and counting!

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