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Have I got a surprise for you today! ‘Gilmore Girls‘ fans check in and get ready to get your happy-dance on. We’ve got a couple of pics that have been released in anticipation of the Gilmore reunion Netflix is filming.


OK, what we know – Almost all of the regular players are returning for a four episode reunion dubbed ‘Gilmore Girls: Seasons‘.¬†One particular player that will be missing is Edward Herrmann, the patriarch of the Gilmore clan, and often-times the straight edge, of the parental sword. On the other hand, his TV wife, Emily Gilmore, supplied the wittier sharp edge that cut most people at least once or twice over the course of the series.


So while we’ve been teased by various instagram pics and tweets, we’ve got some pics from the set that will get you more than a little excited. However, Netflix, still hasn’t given us a release date, so they’re still just teasing us! Consider this your first Playboy before you got laid.


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