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I wish I had better news here, but unfortunately I don’t. It seems that the current WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has had a serious injury. This injury happened on Wednesday night’s Live event in Dublin, Ireland and is much worst than anyone anticipated. Rollins has torn his right ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus, according to ESPN commentator and former WWE star Jonathan Coachman.

These are bad injuries. So much so that Rollins will be out of the ring healing for at least six to nine months, meaning he will have to give up the WWE Championship belt and he won’t be wrestling at Wrestlemania 32 most likely. Rollins was suppose to have the main event at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV with Roman Reigns, but that title card will have to change.

WWE has announced that a tournament will be held at Survivor Series to crow the new Champion. This news just sucks as Rollins was one of the best wrestlers in the business right now. And to have an injury as bad as this one to take him out for more than half a year is no good for anyone. We hear the injury happened during a match with Kane.

I’m sure Rollins will recover faster than most people who have this injury, but it will still be a while. And when he returns, I bet he’ll be stronger than ever. We wish him a speedy recovery. Now though, who do you think will win the Championship belt at Survivor Series?

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