Angelic Heel Once More…

Just twenty four hours after Wrestlemania, the WWE Universe was chomping at the bit to find out what the consequences of the previous evening’s events. How would the new champions fair in their first title defenses? How would the previous champions take to being dethroned? The energy is always intense on the Raw the follows the Showcase of the Immortals and this installment of the WWE‘s flagship show was no different. Find out what happened and enjoy!


paul and brock

Brock Lesnar Wants a Rematch

 The night began with a very upset Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, making their way out to the ring to address the events of the previous evening’s main event. The Beast Incarnate was looking for vengeance on the NEW WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Seth Rollins. Paul informed the WWE Universe that they were within their legal rights to take the WWE to court over what had happened but because Brock Lesnar though all lawyers were scumbags, they would instead invoke the rematch clause in the contract.

The lovely Stephanie McMahon arrived to address Heyman and Lesnar’s request. She informed them that Seth was not in the building at the moment because he was still on his way back from his first public appearance as Champion in New York. She told them that they could have their rematch if Seth accepted the challenge. The Beast and his advocate appeared to accept this delay but assured the WWE Universe that for the first time in over 10 years, Brock Lesnar would be wrestling on Raw and that he would destroy Seth Rollins to once again become the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion.



Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Championship Match

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Every so often, a pair of competitors step into the ring and just steal the show every time. Every match always seems that much better no matter how many times the WWE Universe sees them thrown together. Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan are two such competitors. Ziggler felt that since he had beat Bryan cleanly twice last week that he was entitled to a show at Daniel’s newly won championship.

Daniel Bryan never one to back away from a fight accepted and the match that ensued was pure gold. The two were fast and furious from the ringing of the bell. They exchanged rounds of holds and blows that were countered and reversed so many times it was difficult to keep up with at times. The Show Off took control for a moment after he executed a modified pile driver that planted the B+ goat’s head into the mat. Bryan eventually scored a Belly to Belly suplex and the match evened up once again as each man was unable to keep offensive control for long.

It came down to yet another head butting match (Ziggler did not learn the first time), but it was trixie goat tactics that the new Intercontinental Champion landed a hard running knee for the pin fall victory over the Zig Man. As Daniel celebrated his hard fought victory, Bad News Barrett, who had been at commentary during the match, blind sided both competitors with viscous Bull Hammer elbows. Just in that moment, a returned Sheamus, who looked every bit like a cross between a mutant catfish and a rooster on steroids, flew into the ring and dispatched BNB. But the Celtic Warrior was not finished as he laid Daniel Bryan out with a Brogue Kick and a White Noise to Ziggler. His only message to the WWE Universe after these acts of dominance were, “I’m Back!”

As stated above, this match was phenomenal. There are not words enough to describe how beautiful this match was. Every move and counter and counter to the counters was perfectly executed. It wasn’t all high flying and showing off, but extremely technical and just jaw droppingly stunning to watch. Love that the action is heating up around the IC Title. It is quickly going back to the importance it once held. With the addition of Sheamus (even though he looks stupid according to the WWE Universe) things have only become more heated. Hopefully, DB can hold onto his title better than Barrett could.


Cesaro & Tyson Kidd & The Ascension vs The New Day & The Lucha Dragons

Winner: The New Day & The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons made their Raw debut as they teamed with Kofi Kingston and Big E of the New Day against Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, and the Ascension. The match was fast paced to begin with but hit break neck speeds every time Kalisto was tagged in. Both teams were simply unprepared to against the speed of the smaller Luchadore as he fly threw the air and demonstrated tremendous skill and agility as he whirled around Cesaro and ended up huricanranaing the Swiss Superman.   The Ascension, who were dethroned by Sin Cara and Kalisto down in NXT for the NXT Tag Team Titles, fell once again to the smaller men as Kalisto hit Konor with his Salida del Sol for the pin fall victory.

This match was a lot of fun. Typically eight man tag team matches bore me because there is either nothing happening, or there is so much going on it becomes like white noise for the eyeballs You see things happening but could care less what is happening on the screen. This match was anything but. It had the Raw debut of the Lucha Dragons (who will show any team on the main roster what it means to be a high flyer) and it had the Ascension. My beloved Konor and Viktor may have been the ones pinned but it was good to see them dominate in a match once again. Can’t wait to see the Ascension begin their road to the WWE Tag Team Championships. It’ about time those boys did something besides warm the bench.



Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

WWE World Heavy Weight Title Match

Winner: Never Happened

When the Savior of the WWE arrived in the arena, the Beast Incarnate was ready for him. Lesnar and Heyman made their way down to the ring and waited for our beloved champion to make his way down to the ring. Once there, Seth wore his gold proudly and looked to ready himself for what would be a hard fought victory, and quite possibly a visit to Suplex City.

However, as was his right as Champion, and the fact that he had been flying around the country all day, our poor champion found himself at less than 100% and of course his foot was a tad sore from all the curb stomps he delivered to both Brock and Roman the night before. Seth promised that he would give Lesnar his rematch, just not that night on Raw.

This was NOT what Lesnar wanted to hear. He saw read and destroyed everything in his path as he tried to take out his anger on Rollins, who narrowly escaped a gruesome fate at the hands of the Beast. J & J Security were not so lucky as both Jamie and Joey were sent flying. But Brock was not nearly complete. He over turned the announce table onto JBL and Booker T. He then caught Michael Cole and pulled him into the ring where he delivered an F-5 that took Cole out of his shoes. But again, no matter how much Heyman pleaded with his client to calm, Lesnar would have none of it as he grabbed an innocent camera man and hoisted him up in preparation for an F-5.

This brought out Stephanie McMahon once again who begged and pleaded for Lesnar to release the camera man. Brock answered her by F-5ing the man into the mat. Stephanie had no other choice but to punish the former WWE World Champion by suspending him indefinitely. Later in the night, she also announced that he was not only suspended but that he would face a hefty fine for endangering the lives of the WWE staff.


Stardust vs Damien Mizdow

Winner: Damien Mizdow

In his first singles action after his split with his mentor the Miz, Damien Mizdow took on the Cosmic Superstar formerly known as Cody Rhodes. Mizdow took quick control of the match early on dominating Stardust. The chants from the crowd of “Cody,” kept the painted superstar distracted and off his game. Eventually, Mizdow was able to hit the Skull Crushing Finale to pick up the win. He was unable to really enjoy the win as the Miz blind sided him and delivered a Skull Crushing Finale of his own to his former stunt double/personal assistant.

It is so good to FINALLY see Damien in the ring. He is extremely talented and deserves all the adoration that he is receiving. Finally stepping out of the Miz’s shadow and trekking his own path. This match against Stardust again showcased all the good things about Mizdow. His skill in the ring has been underrated in the past, over shadowed by the multitude of characters he has had to play before finding his niche as Mizdow.  This rivalry with the Miz is one of the best things on WWE programming. Long have they been the funniest thing in the WWE now it is time to show that it’s not all fun and games. Hopefully no one has to lose an eye though.


Neville vs Curtis Axel

Winner: Neville

Curtis Axel did not know what hit him as Neville exploded on to Raw in his official debut (yes I know he was on Raw before but this is his MAIN ROSTER debut!) The man that Gravity forgot was in his element as he dominated Axel with maneuvers that anyone would have difficulty countering. Eventually Neville took pity on the Axe man and just landed his Red Arrow from the top rope for the win.

Is it too soon to ask for Seth to be put in a match against Neville? Not for the title of course, but just so I can see these two amazing high flyers just go at it in what would be a match that would leave me in a puddle of awesome.


Dean Ambrose vs John Cena

United States Championship Match

Winner: John Cena

Earlier in the day, leader of the Cenation and spot light whore, John Cena, in an effort to once again bask in a spot light that is not his, issued an open challenge to anyone in the back who felt that they wanted to challenge him for the United States Championship. Everyone assumed it would be Rusev who would accept the ring, however it was the longest reigning United States Champion who answered the call. Dean Ambrose sought to make the red, white, and blue gold his once again.

The battle that ensued between the two men was intense and at times so fever pitched that even I had to give some kudos to Cena. Dean and John tore down the house and kept the WWE universe on the edge of its seat the entire time they were in the squared circle (and occasionally outside it from time to time.) It looked to be over when Cena landed his AA on the Lunatic Fringe, but it only earned Cena a near fall. Later in the match, Mr. Kick-Out at Two did exactly that after receiving a Dirty Deeds from the challenger. The two even exchanged STFs and both refused to tap to the extremely painful move. In the end however, Cena prevailed against the Unstable one as he landed another Attitude Adjustment for the pinfall victory.  After picking himself up, Ambrose offered his hand in a sign of respect toward the Champion.

Dean Ambrose matches never disappoint. Even when he is in the ring with the likes of John Cena. I will say both men brought their A game and kudos to Cena for wearing a shirt that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty screw driver. Do I think this is the end of Dean’s pursuit of the US Title? Nope.


Paige, AJ Lee, & Naomi vs The Bella Twins & Natalya

Winner: Paige, AJ Lee, & Naomi

 Normally a 6 woman tag match would make me roll my eyes and groan. However after the showings on the main roster as of late, I was more than happy to see what these 6 women would provide the WWE Universe. What we got was a wonderful hard hitting fast paced match that left a few of their male counter parts in the dust (Big Show, Kane, I’m looking at you. Step up your game boys!)

The Bellas and Natalya worked in unison and kept AJ from her team for a good portion of the match, but once Lee was able to make the tag to her team mates, things evened out and momentum began to build for Paige, Naomi, and AJ. Nikki Bella began to wrest control back for her team, but a quick duck by Naomi caused the Diva’s Champion to clock her twin, Brie, with a huge forearm. This mistake allowed Naomi to hit the Champion with a Rear View to pick up the win for herself and her team mates.

As stated briefly above, this match was excellent. I got to say though, the crowd during the match left a bit to be desired and made me embarrassed to be counted in their number of WWE Fans. The lewd chants that were thrown at the Diva’s was disrespectful. Sure I’m not fan of the Bellas, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to slut shame them or Nattie or AJ for who they chose to be in a relationship. Instead I will hate them because I find them to be over ratted wanna be reality TV actresses who just won’t shut up!



Goldust vs Rusev

Winner: Rusev

LOL Rusev Wins. What happened? Goldust came down, attempted to fight and got squashed like a little bug. He did give it his all, however his best just wasn’t that good enough as the Bulgarian Brute, locked in the Accolade and the Bizarre One was forced to tap out the former United States Champion.

Not much to say about this other than it looks like Rusev wants to redeem his loss to Cena by racking up the wins. Be interesting to see what he does in the future. Not like he accepted Cena’s open challenge for the US title earlier in the night, so whats next? Perhaps a run at the IC Title? Prolly not but hey its’s something that could happen.


Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Ryback vs Seth Rollins, Kane, & The Big Show

Winner: Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Ryback

 After Lesnar was suspended and ordered to leave, our shining Champion, Seth Rollins gave an interview that was interrupted by the Viper who informed the Savior of the WWE that he would be coming after the newly won Championship. Rollins, without missing a beat and unintimidated by Randy, informed him that while he as Champion had one problem in Orton, Randy had 3 problems. Seth Rollins, Kane, and the Big Show. Of course since Randy had SOOO many friends in the back, it should be no problem for him to find two team mates to face them in a match in the Main Event that night.

So Randy found himself at least one friend in Ryback (who is one of the disloyal superstars…) but that still left them without a third. Who would be their partner? Why the FORMER # 1 contender, Roman Reigns! Once the bell rang, the valient members of the Authority, led by our adored champion, took the fight right to their opponents. But no one could have expected Roman Reigns to fly over the top rope to take out the entire team of the Authority in the opening moments of the match.

Not even a fling Samoan would keep the members of the Authority down for long as they held onto the offensive momentum by isolating Randy Orton from making the tag to his waiting team mates. However, the Viper was able to create separation and tag in the fresh powerhouse of Reigns who began to dismantle Kane. This flurry of action overwhelmed our heroes as Ryback delivered an unbelievable Shell Shock to Big Show, and Roman was able to hit a huge spear on Kane to end the match. The Champion narrowly avoided a similar fate as his team mates, but he had the presence of mind to regroup away from the seething danger in the ring.

This match was a bit of fun. It didn’t flow near as well as other matches in the evening but it didn’t suck. Mainly I blame the Big Show and Kane. More the Big Show than Kane though. I always feel like I need a double shot of espresso in my system when ever the Big Show is in the ring. It takes everything in me NOT to fall asleep watching him. I’m pretty sure watching paint dry would be more entertaining. Other than that, it was a decent match. Reigns flying over the top rope was a treat. I do so love it when the Samoan Superman surprises me. With Randy Orton and Roman Reigns gunning for his gold, Seth better be careful and J & J Security better step up their game big time to protect our beloved Champion fro the dangers of jealous superstars.


Angelic Heel

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