Angelic Heel Once More!

The WWE‘s developmental brand, NXT (are we really still calling it that? I mean these superstars are on point EVERY time!) tore it up again on the Day of Fools. The night saw business pick up on the WWE Network (best $9.99 ever!) as Sami Zayn returned to the NXT Universe, Bayley looked to find retribution on Emma for disrespecting her, and Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze would look to find out who really was the better man in a 2 out of 3 falls match. What other treats were gifted to us? Find out now!


Sami Zayn Addresses the NXT Universe

What better way to kick off the evening than by the return of the most beloved NXT Superstar, Sami Zayn? Everyone’s favorite under dog had not been seen since he was destroyed by long time friend Kevin Owens at NXT Takeover: Rival. Of course, we know that Sami spent time preforming with the main roster in Abu Dhabi, but where has he been since?

The leader of the Zayniacs informed us that while over sees, his mind had been preoccupied with what happened the night he lost his title and on the man who took it from him. Zayn said that he now realized that the man who decimated him, was not the same man who had been his friend for 14 years, and knowing that, he vowed to kick Kevin Owens’ ass and regain the NXT Championship!



Rhyno vs Local Yokel

Winner: Rhyno

LOLRhyno wins! Poor local newb should have just forfeited. Soon as the Bell rang, the veteran superstar dominated his opponent easily.   One gore and it was done. After the match Rhyno restated his reason for being in NXT. To revitalize his career and to capture the NXT Championship and it didn’t matter if it was Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, or Kevin Owens, nothing and no one was going to stop him from attaining the gold!

Always fun to see Rhyno in the ring. The man beast utterly destroyed his opponent. But I’d honestly like to see him in a match against someone who didn’t shake in their boots standing across the ring from the imposing Rhyno. Throw him in matches against Baron Corbin or Bull Dempsey. Let’s see what those men can do to one another! Oh golly I’m getting excited just thinking about the carnage that those men could do. OMG Triple threat. Oh please WWE, I don’t care how you make that happen, just make it happen!



Bayley vs Emma

Winner: Bayley

This match was a bit slow for what I’m used to in an NXT Women’s bout. The two took their time feeling the other out with Emma mocking Bayley through out to try and get her to release that aggressive side that the NXT Universe has seen on multiple occasions. Though one released, it was all over for the Australian diva. The Hugger introduced the quirky diva’s face to the turn buckle forcefully and rapidly. Emma was able to take control briefly and ended up rolling Bayley up for the pin, but her show boating cost her as Bayley reversed into a pin of her own and took the victory.

Like I said, this match was a bit slow, but once the pace picked up it was on! Bayley was amazing as always. Never disappointed to see her in the ring and I enjoy the contrast of her happy go lucky character to the hugging demon that occasionally is released in the ring. I’m not sold on Emma though. Something about her falls flat and even though she is doing her best to be one of my people, it’s just not coming off that way. She’s more annoying than anything. Oh well, let’s see where this takes us! Anything to see Bayley beat someone’s ass again though. I like it when she gets mean.



The Lucha Dragons vs Blake & Murphy

Non-Title Match

Winner: Blake & Murphy

The Lucha Dragons looked to capitalize on their momentum coming off of their Raw debut by taking on the NXT Tag Team Champions in a non-title fight.  The high flying sensations took control early and their team work seemed to pay off. But the dark horse champions regained control and once again showed why they are a force to be reckoned with and are deserving of the titles that they proudly wear. They used their own team work to ground Kalisto and quick tags kept the luchadore in their corner.

However, once Sin Cara tagged in, offensive momentum was once gain in the high flyers corner as he used his skills and aerial abilities to get thee champions reeling. But all good things eventually come to an end, especially when the champions were able to take advantage of a distracted referee and clock Sin Cara with a huge right hand laying him flat. Blake and Murphy then hit their suplex/frog splash combo (this really needs a cool name. Get on it boys!) for the pin fall victory.

I wouldn’t call the match amazing but it was fun and that is 3 times Blake and Murphy have pinned the former champions. It is time for them to move on to different opponents. But who is available for them to take on? Enzo and Cass? Sure why not. Enzo always entertains me. The Vaudevillians? Oh gods please!! It has been much too long since I’ve had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the most manly duo in NXT in the ring.



Jason Jordan vs Tye Dillinger

Winner: Jason Jordan

This match had difficulty holding my attention. I honestly could care less about either of these superstars. both are technically sound in their abilities but they are bland bland bland. So generic, I could probably purchase them at a discount grocery store chain. It was a solid back and forth exhibition that i’m sure I was supposed to care about that ended when Jordan was able to hit a suplex for the pin fall victory.

Yay for Jason Jordan? I guess i’ll just sit here and wait for something to happen that makes me care about this feud. Like I said, the match it self was solid but nothing i couldn’t see anywhere else. Nothing stood out about it and I’m pretty sure I almost fell asleep during it. I’m not even sure which of these guys is supposed to be one of my people. i have an inkling it’s Jason, but really… I couldn’t care less.



Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

2 out of 3 Falls Match

Winner: Tyler Breeze

 The Main event of the night saw everyone’s favorite angry Japanese man take on The King of Cuteville. The two have been at each other’s throats for weeks and it came to ahead with a 2 out of 3 falls match. The fight started as soon as the bell rang. Both men tore into one another looking to gain the upper hand by scoring the first pin fall. Hideo used his signature strikes and lightning fast kicks to stun Breeze and put him down to gain the first fall.

As the bell rang to signify the second fall was beginning, Tyler looked like he was still reeling from the viciousness of the attacks that led to the first pin fall. But heel tactics work with amazing results as Tyler played possum long enough to hit the Beauty Shot and roll Itami up for a quick pin to even the score of 1 – 1.

With the match now basically an everyday singles match with the next fall determining the winner, the two men grappled in attempts to gain the upper hand over the other. Both men gave it everything they had not settling for a sub par performance and Breeze was able to avoid a corner missile drop kick. But Hideo eventually did hit his patented move on Prince Pretty but it was not enough to gain the victory. The third and final fall came when Hideo whipped Tyler into the ropes and Tyler busted off with another devastating Beauty Shot to pick up the 1, 2, 3.

These two men in the ring are so much fun to watch. Not enough good things can be said and this victory puts Breeze back in the hunt for the NXT championship. What does this do to Hideo though? His momentum has essentially come to a halt. Will he continue to fight with Breeze? If so why? Breeze has proven himself to be the better man. Perhaps Itami should find a tag team partner and go after NXT gold he actually has a chance of getting.


Angelic Heel

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