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Disney, enough already! The trend used to be taking old series from the past and giving them a full-length makeover. Then it was re-booting movies from not that long ago, seemingly just to put a new cast in place, now Disney is doing what they do best, of late, taking animated property they own and going the live-action remake route. The bottom line is nostalgia sells and it pays well. This has to be the drive behind their announcement to produce a live-action ‘Winnie the Pooh‘.

They have brought writer-director of the Sundance indie ‘Listen up Philip‘  Alex Ross Perry on to shape the story and breathe life into The Hundred Acre Wood crew. The story will feature an adult Christopher Robin who will no doubt have some sort of bad luck befall him, maybe he got fired or divorced, or a parent dies and he finds the real joy he used to have in his life again. I appreciate when the filmmakers slip some adult jokes in that, thankfully, fly right over my kids’ heads, but give me a little jolt to pay attention to the screen again. I’m so tired of the live-action route that I’m not sure a few well-placed zingers can save the day. Cast someone gorgeous and charming for Christopher Robin and I might just stay awake on my own.


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