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The WWE exploded into Norfolk, VA for the first Smackdown of 2015. Raw saw Seth Rollins triumph over John Cena and score a victory for those who know what’s best for business. With the WWE Universe still a buzz, and the inmates got to run the asylum for one more night till the Authority took their rightful place bringing order to the chaos. What did this last night that sanity forgot have in store? Let’s jump on this crazy train and roll on into this week’s Smackdown!




Yet again, the WWE reeks of awesomeness as Edge and Christian are set to guest host Smackdown. At this point the WWE Universe was informed that E & C filed a multi-million dollar law suit against the Authority for the events that occurred on RAW. Edge felt that he was to blame for the reinstatement of the Authority and apologized. But the show must go on and Christian assured the crowd that Smackdown would be an amazing show despite everything that went down.

A limousine pulls into the arena, eventually Seth Rollins entrance music plays but it isn’t the Future of the WWE and Savior of the Authority, Seth Rollins, no it is Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury who come out. They are there on behalf of the Authority to read a statement stating that HHH and Stephanie had no prior knowledge of Mr. Money in the Banks actions and that they apologize. In addition, that while Edge and Christian are in fact in charge of Smackdown, J & J Security were present to oversee that the show was being put on to the high standards of the Authority.

The rated R Superstar jumped on the fact that he was still in charge and decided to abuse his power to make a match between Ryback and J & J Security. But reversed that decision quickly, perhaps after realizing that it was extremely cruel and inhumane (J & J Security are rabid man). Instead the match that Edge gifted us was Ryback vs the Big Show! Ever in friendly competition with his best friend, Christian made the main event of the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, vs The Samoan Superman, Roman Reigns! Ad without further ado, Edge and Christian began first Smackdown of 2015 with authority.



Bray Wyatt vs Erick Rowan

Winner: Bray Wyatt via pinfall

It’s always difficult to watch family fight one another. It’s never pretty and everyone ends up hurt. this was no different when we witnessed the patriarch of the Wyatt family, Bray Wyatt, face off against one of the men he fixed, Erick Rowan. Before the match, Bray ask Rowan to lay down as they should not be fighting one another. Big Red’s time away from his mentor must have damaged him because the fight began anyway. Both men blasted one another with hard blows and the fight spilled out of the ring briefly where Wyatt punished his freed pupil. When the action returned to the ring Rowan exploded and gained the upper hand and looked to be closing in on the win. But the Eater of Worlds was able to get through to his estranged family member for a moment. And a moment was all he needed to strike with Sister Abigail and pick up the win. This was not a victory to be savored by Wyatt who appeared to take no pleasure in the tough love he had to bestow on someone he loved.  A very anguished Bray Wyatt then addressed Dean Ambrose, stating that if he could do that to someone he saved, what he could he do to Dean in the Ambulance Match set to take place on RAW this coming Monday.

This match was very entertaining. I love it when big men move like the lighter guys. This match was not slow in the slightest. It moved quickly and told a compelling story. The Sheep Mask wearing wrestler is always compelling to watch in the ring. He has really thrived as a singles competitor and in a match against the man he owes everything to, he held his own. Bray Wyatt, who shows no compassion for his opponents, did not appear to enjoy the work he was forced to do. He did not smile, but looked as if he were in physical pain at what he was forced to do to Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt is ready to finish what he started with Dean Ambrose, and he has vowed that it will be him, who will be the one to walk away.


The Usos & R-Truth vs Goldust, Stardust, & Adam Rose

Winner: The Usos & R-Truth via pinfall

In a continuation of heated rivalries on both sides of the ring. Adam Rose began the match against R-Truth.Things looked to being going horribly wrong for the leader of the Exotic Express as Truth used the crowd to distract him to attempt to win the match quickly with a roll up. The momentum changed quickly into the favor of the Cosmic twins and their partner with some quick thinking from Stardust. They continued to dominate and pick apart the Jey Uso, using quick tags to cut the ring in half. Things went down hill for Rose and his team as mistakes were made and Jey was able to make the tag to his brother who then ran through Adam and Goldust.  The Usos and Truth picked up the 1,2,3 after Jey hit a big splash off the top rope. The Rosebuds, finally attempting to earn their keep, sought retribution on the victors but cam up short.

This match was decent and furthered the stories between all involved. Best part of the match for me was when Stardust yelled “Make a wish!” before launching himself onto R-Truth off the ropes (I totally made a wish too, cuz ya know, FLYING STARS!!!). It was definitely nice to see Adam Rose and R-Truth get some TV time and looks like there will be more in the future. As always The Usos and the Dust Brothers in the same ring is always a treat. Nothing really huge happened in the match but it was filled with energy that kept you watching anyhow.



Ryback vs Big Show

Winner: Big Show via count-out

The battle between Ryback and Big show was extremely physical. The Big Guy came at Show fast and hard, knocking him down early. he continued to keep thee giant reeling and forced him to regroup on the outside. But the Authority’s largest member used this break to gain the upper hand and gleefully punish the surgically repair left leg of his opponent. Luck was on Ryback’s side as he regained control and kept the world’s largest athlete on the defensive. The unexpected surprise of the Russian Flag unfurling and the presence of the United States Champion, Rusev, was enough to distract Ryback from the task at hand and Big Show was able to land a knock out punch.

The Big Guy fell to the ground from the ring apron, and the ref counted to 10. Rusev took advantage of the knocked out hungry man and attempted to apply the Accolade. However, Ryback came to just in time, countered and knocked the big Bulgarian out of the ring. I admit, I groaned loudly when this match was announced. Talk about a potential snoozefest, but Ryback and Big Show not only had pep in their step, they also delivered a solid match. I thought it interesting that the Knock out punch didn’t entirely knock the Big Guy out. Foreshadowing?



Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs Los Matadores

Winner: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

Tyson and Diego start the match for their teams. Quick tags and quick team action give the bull fighters the upper hand for a short time. Cesaro, however, secured control for his team with a brutal uppercut to a suicide diving Fernando. The King of Swing showed why he earned the name as he swung Fernando a few rotations into a drop kick delivered by Kidd. The two teams continued to battle fiercely but it was Cesaro and Tyson who picked up the win.

Such a fun match. Who knew that Tyson and Cesaro were such an amazing team? Looks like it’s a permanent thing as they stated they were going to be going after the Usos’ titles. Very interesting all the new tag teams coming in. I know this division sorely needs it. And Cesaro and Tyson are both amazing wrestlers who haven’t been given a fair shot. Now together they are going to take the WWE Universe by storm. I am however so sick of Natalya accompanying Tyson to the ring and vice versa. I’m so over it. Leave Total Diva drama on Total Divas.



Dean Ambrose vs Curtis Axel

Winner: Never Happened

It is always exciting when the Unstable, Dean Ambrose appears on screen. His opponent, Curtis Axel, was already in the ring waiting for him. However, the bell never rang so the beat down that Curtis received at the hands of the Lunatic Fringe, did nothing to help his career. Axel futilely attempted to fight back, if nothing more than to flee the mad fists of his attacker. Ambrose did not let up and culminated everything in a vicious Dirty Deeds in the center of the ring. Dean demanded a microphone and began to address Bray Wyatt. As he spoke, Ambrose made his way up the ramp and to the side of the stage, where an Ambulance waited. There he explained that he would start his new year off by cracking the ambulance’s windshield with Bray Wyatt’s face, and a few more gruesomely fun things that would ensure his victory in their war. Ambrose also promised that he would take the Eater of Worlds foe on a one way trip to a Happy New Year Hell.

Ladies and Gents, the Lunatic Fringe in all his glory! He’s a special kinda crazy lemme tell you! Curtis Axel didn’t know what hit him. like I said, he attempted to flee but Dean would not be denied. He wanted to kick someones ass and Curtis drew the short straw. I’m sure he’ll be okay when he wakes up from the beat down (not that I’m inclined to care.) Dean Ambrose was on fire tonight. This Ambulance match between him and Bray is going to be brutal. Both men looked strong and ready for the war to end all wars. I want to see Ambrose win this. He needs wins in a serious way right now. He won nothing in his feud against Seth (but really now, it was Seth… that’s to be expected) and his record against Bray isn’t that much better. And is it too much to ask for no interference from an outside party?




The Ascension vs Local Wrestlers

Winner: The Ascension via pinfall

The fate of the tag team division is in serious question with the arrival of the Ascension. Following in the footsteps of the Road Warriors and Demolition, Konor and Viktor demolished two wrestlers from the local area. The local boys did not stand a chance against the strength and pure power from the longest reigning NXT tag champions. With a Fall of man delivered to the unlucky local boy, The Ascension picked up another win in their first ever appearance on Smackdown.


I am simply giddy that the Ascension have debuted. I enjoyed this match more than the one on RAW simply because I got to see more of them in the ring. Granted it was an easy win, but that just means someone more difficult is in line to fall. I can’t wait to see them in action against the Usos, the Dust Brothers, and any one else the main roster has to offer. These boys have a style and an attitude I can’t help but be drawn to. I don’t even mind the face paint. It doesn’t keep them from being run away freight trains in the ring. They have Risen!



Rusev vs Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns via disqualification

Most of the match was dominated by the big Bulgarian, Rusev. He gave Reigns a beating that the powerhouse isn’t used to receiving. It forced Roman to pull on his strength and resilience to weather the storm until he could make his move to try and build some momentum against the Hero of the Russian Federation. Rusev would not let control be taken away easily as he countered a superman punch with a huge drop kick. The two men continued to fight, trading blows until finally a superman punch was delivered to Rusev!

Big Show however decided to make his way down ringside, but he would not stay on his feet long as the Samoan Superman had a special punch for him as well. Rusev took advantage of the distraction and attempted to pin Reigns but it was not enough to keep the big dog down. Reigns hit the spear and went to pin Rusev for the win but Big Show pulled him from the ring, resulting in a DQ win for Roman. The action continued between the two powerhouses as Show gave Roman a beating and then went to choke slam Reigns through the announce table. Roman countered and returned the beating he received and more as he sent the Big Show flying over the announce table, which he then promptly dumped on the giant.

The beginning of this match was slow and struggled. But it saved itself as the action increased in intensity. and when it did pick up it kept you watching and salivating for more. Both Roman and Rusev have similar strengths but use them in different ways that let us see their abilities. Big Show coming out was expected (even though I will admit that Roman being the first to pin Rusev would have made me smile. Believe That!), but it didn’t keep the action from slowing. Roman got his retribution for Monday night and we get to wonder what the Authority will do to Roman for disrespecting one of its members.


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