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Due to Snowmageddon, WWE had no choice but to cancel the RAW live event just 24 hours after one of the most controversial Royal Rumble pay per views in recent memory. Even though Hartford, CT would not be the scene of destruction it was meant to be, it was declared that the show must go on, and it did from the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT. The WWE Universe was addressed by the WWE Superstars that they were dying to hear from following the Royal Rumble event, and those who missed it, got treated to the Royal Rumble match itself (shown in its entirety) and the Triple Threat match for the World Heavy Weight Title (best match of the night.) Who had what to say and to whom? Let’s find out!




Seth Rollins Exclusive Interview

 The night began with Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins. He sat down with Michael Cole and addressed his performance from the night before. The living breathing, undisputed embodiment of the future admitted that perhaps he had underestimated Brock Lesnar’s abilities, but that he had the feeling that the current World Heavyweight Champion had underestimated his as well. Rollins went on to describe how he had thought that 2 curb stomps to the Beast would have been enough to bring him down since the devastating fisher had brought down so many of his other opponents. Rollins addressed the flying elbow as he stated that he had no problem putting his body on the line to achieve his success and he had known that in order to succeed he needed to take Lesnar out of the equation. When asked about the move that would have won the match, Seth told the WWE Universe that it was named the Phoenix Splash (some of us already knew that… >.> Just Sayin) and that after he hit it on John Cena, he KNEW he was about to become the Champion. The interview concludes when Cole mentions that Brock Lesnar is next to be interviewed. The savior of the WWE cut Michael Cole off and said that if Lesnar wanted his seat, the Beast would have to kick him out of it.

This was a great look inside the mind of the Architect. He was humble enough to admit the errors of his game plan for the triple threat match and reassured the Rollination that he was still unafraid at the prospect of taking on he Beast Incarnate. He answered every question that Michael Cole threw at him articulately and confidently. There is no doubt in my mind that Seth has the ability and skill to cash in his Plan B and become the Champion in the near future. He bravely stood his ground upon hearing that Brock was on his way and began to play mind games with the defending champion before he left. There is always a plan in Seth’s mind, who knows what is in store for the enemies of the Architect.


Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Speak

 The segment begins with Brock Lesnar confirming that he did indeed have a broken rib from the flying elbow delivered to him by Seth Rollins the previous evening. He also states it’s not the first time he has had to work injured to win a big match. Cole then asks Brock Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, if he thought that the triple threat match was as a result of them being at odds with the Authority. The Father of Extreme laughs off the notion stating that his client and the Authority had a mutually exploitive relationship and at times negotiations grew tense. He said Brock Lesnar was the answer to The Authority’s problems, as long as they could pay him what he was worth. At this time Michael Cole brought up the conquering of the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, and asked the Beast how he had over come the psychological aspect of facing such a daunting task. Lesnar simply replies that he respects no one and that he is simply, The Beast. Cole then asks Brock his opinion on Roman Reigns wining the Royal Rumble. Lesnar at first asked “who?” and then states that he’s happy for him and that he hopes he’s p for the challenge. Brock then decides he is going to stick around so that he can get a chance to meet his #1 contender face to face.

Brilliant interview. Brock is cool and calm and intimidating as hell. He has no worries or cares in the world and his confidence oozes from him. This is the most I’ve seen Lesnar speak for himself and at some points during the interview I wondered why Paul was there. Sure Heyman was brilliant as ever, but Brock had IT in the bag. He was everything you would expect a mercenary champion to be. He did not flinch or back down from Rollins (not that I expected him to). He is a man that has no doubt in his mind that the title belongs to him. It was icing on the cake that it seemed as if Lesnar had no idea who Reigns was. It came off in a “why should he know who that new guy is?” sorta way and it worked. He appeared amused by it, like Reigns is already jst another notch in his belt of conquered challengers. Well done!



Roman Reigns Comments on Crowd Reaction

 Byron Saxton starts the interview by congratulating Roman on his Royal Rumble win. He then asks Roman if he felt that his inexperience was a hindrance. Roman answered by reassuring his fans that he would do what ever it took to “learn to swim” with the sharks. That he was no stranger to getting tossed in the deep end. Next up for discussion, the hostile crowd in Philly. Roman answered that the crowd paid their money and has the right to cheer and boo whomever they chose, and that as long as he could go out and do his thing in the ring, that that is what mattered to him. Roman also addressed the topic of him being “hand picked.” He thanked the higher ups in WWE fr the opportunity but reiterated that it was an OPPORTUNITY. It was still up to him to capitalize and make good on it (suck it haters. Roman hears you and he will prove you all wrong!) At this point Saxton brigs up the Rock’s assistance in Roman’s Rumble win. The Samoan Superman said that he had always tried to cut his own path and not use his extremely proud wrestling heritage as an advantage. But that he did owe so much to his family, that he wants to return the favor to his family. The interview comes to a close as Roman states that he was looking forward to meeting Brock Lesnar later that night and at Wrestlemania.

Like I said, haters, you can SUCK IT! Roman did a great job and this interview shows how much he has grown and how comfortable he has become in front of the camera and on a  microphone. People bash him because they think he doesn’t deserve to win, who are you to decide who deserves it? He worked just as hard as any of the other guys in the Royal Rumble match. Is it because he doesn’t have 10+ years of experience under his belt? So what? that just shows how hard he HAS worked to get to that stage in the game. I admit, I was one of those who thought he wasn’t ready, but then I realized, if he wasn’t ready for this, he wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to shine. and like he said, it is an opportunity. It is still up to him to make good on it. I am looking forward to seeing him continue to grow and to shut the hatin smarks up. He’s not an indy darling like so many of the other favorites, but he has worked his ass off to get to where he is. So grow up and prepare to watch the rise of the Roman Empire, BELIEVE THAT!



A Wild (Half Frozen)Dean Ambrose Appears!

 Who else but the Lunatic Fringe would walk in a blizzard from Hartford to Stamford? For what reason? To clear his head… He then recounts the exciting tail of hitch hiking to a gas station brawl in which he nearly lost a finger, but gained some sweet hiking boots and that eventually he made it to the WWE Headquarters. Dean Ambrose then compares his harrowing tail to what the road to Wrestlemania is like with its twists and turns. He then wanders off and we the WWE Universe know one thing for certain, the Unstable one is on his way to Wrestlmania!

This was an upbeat entertaining segment that broke up the heavier interviews from earlier in the night and the ones we were about to get. Dean Ambrose in front of a camera speaking is always golden (can’t say I’ve ever seen him do anything cringe worthy.) It was light and gave the WWE Universe a much needed reprieve we weren’t even aware we needed. But of course I do wonder, what did Dean find to amuse himself? Why couldn’t the camera just follow him around? I mean Seth was in the building, how much fun would it have been to have a Snowmageddon street fight?! Okay… so I kinda let the inner fan girl out for a sec, but seriously. I’d pay good money for that one!



Daniel Bryan on Being Eliminated

 The leader of the YES Movement sat down with Renee Young to talk about how things have progressed for him thus Far. The birth of the Yes Movement itself was mentioned as well as the impact of the fans on Daniel Bryan’s career. When asked about his injury, Bryan states that he felt like he had let down his fans. When the topic of him being eliminated from the Royal Rumble was brought up and the fact that Roman Reigns did win, DB states that he was disappointed that Roman won, but from the stand point that it was because he DIDN’T win.He felt that a match between him and Lesnar would be the ultimate, David vs Goliath match, but he saw that Roman was able to seize the opportunity awarded him, much like Daniel Bryan himself had taken advantage of the opportunities awarded to him. When asked about his up coming Casket Match with Kane on this Thursday’s SMACKDOWN, Bryan vows that he will do what ever it takes to end the feud with the corporate demon and will work his way to getting another shot at the World Heavyweight title.

I enjoyed this interview for the simple reason that DB conveys his story well. I know I’ve complained about Farm Animals speaking on microphones, but I was impressed by the goat. He conveyed his disappointment at being eliminated but at the same time is channeling that into working his way back to the spot he thinks he belongs in and had before his injury. He has a “never give up” attitude that is believable  and genuine (unlike some other superstars who will remain unnamed because we can’t see them >.>). I can see how it would be easy to get behind Bryan but then I remember, he’s a troll who tried to run with A+ players and nearly lost his career because he can’t accept his place in life. Good Luck Daniel Bryan, you will need it. Just remember, the Authority ALWAYS wins.



Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns Meet!

 The moment when Roman Reigns meets Brock Lesnar is intense. Before Michael Cole can get started, Paul Heyman interjects himself and respectfully asks is he ca be the one to conduct the interview. Roman obliges him and Michael Cole scampers off to leave a real professional to do his job.  Paul begins by bringing up the fact that he has known Reigns’ family longer than Reigns’ has known his family and that he has always respected them and their great wrestling linage. Heyman also congratulated Roman on his many accomplishments thus far and brought up the Rock’s history with The Beast Incarnate. Heyman wondered why Roman’s cousin hadn’t warned him about what was in store for him at Wrestlemania and then Paul asked his question: How would Roman handle the disappointment of losing to Brock Lesnar?

Reigns simply states that he will answer the question directly to Brock Lesnar. He turns to Brck and after a few very intense moments, the powerhouse states that he is very aware of who and what Brock Lesnar is, but come Wrestlemania, he will beat the Beast, but if he can’t win the title, then he would take a piece of Brock with him. The two eventually shake hands after an attempt by Brock to psych out Reigns, during the handshake, Brock states that he does not respect Roman. To which, Roman replies that he will.

Beautiful build to their eventual clash. This did more for this budding war than much of the build up between Lesnar and Cena. I am excited to see this match to see how Roman does against the Beast Incarnate. I have full faith in Roman and his ability to continue to do what it takes to achieve hsi goals and to give Bock a battle unlike any before. Roman did a amazing job and there is nothing that I can fault him on. He felt natural when he spoke and there was a confidence in him that we typically hadn’t gotten to see when ever he cut promos. He is improving leaps and bounds and I for one can not wait to see how he capitalizes on this opportunity. Ball is in your hands Roman, run with it!


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