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I’ve got some news about Marvel’s  ‘Doctor Strange‘  feature project that will grace theaters in 2016. In a case of we-should-have-seen-it-coming-casting, America’s favorite British export, Benedict Cumberbatch has the golden trifecta required to anchor a Marvel film. He’s got the slightly chiseled handsome face, and perfected the quality of acting an absolute arrogant but brilliant character and he’s got a deep range to his acting ability that supersedes the first two qualities.




Originally the talents of Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto and Tom Hardy were all considered for the role before filmmakers turned their expectant eyes to Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch has a vast expanse of characters that he has brought to life with glorious results. He’s the face of Sherlock Holmes, has the feral snarl of Smaug and was the embodiment of a new generation’s Khan who built the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

Doctor Strange was a vision of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko that first hit the comic world in 1963 ‘Strange Tales‘ #110. Strange wasn’t always evil, he once was a brilliant surgeon that supported his arrogant attitude. He’s the victim of an accident that injures his hands and what is a surgeon without the use of his hands? That’s right, evil. His pride wasn’t injured and that led him to a bullish determination to uncover a cure for his ailing hands, and career. As you can guess, he catches the slippery lanes of a downward spiral, loses what monetary security he had and becomes homeless while performing shady medical procedures for a fraction of what he was used to charge. Enter the Ancient One, he may be the answer to heal his handicap which leads Strange to the Himalayas to meet with him. There isn’t a recovered career in the Ancient One’s plans for Strange, but a protege to pass his sorcery on to. Cumberbatch has the range and the talent to bring about a truly frightening villain.

Scott Derrickson is directing a script by Jon Spaihts with Marvel’s Kevin Feige producing the venture. Check out the awesome little bit of fan-art I found. This film should be utterly epic!



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