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I was in full fan girl mode when I met The Soska Sisters at Texas Frightmare Weekend! They created an awesome exploitation film called “Dead Hooker In A Trunk” and “American Mary”. If you haven’t seen these flicks you need to check them out! We also discuss women in the horror industry, how ‘Dead Hooker In A Trunk’ came about, and their love of the superhero Deadpool. Enjoy the interview.

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Movie Quotes

[Captain Typho is trying to talk Padme out of leaving Coruscant without protection]
Captain Typho:
My Lady, let me come with you.
There is no danger. The fighting is over, and... this is personal.
[Typho bows]
Captain Typho:
As you wish, My Lady... but I strongly disagree.
I'll be all right, Captain. This is something I must do myself. Besides, Threepio will look after me.
Oh, dear.
[Typho leaves; Padme and C-3PO board the Naboo skiff; Obi-Wan sneaks on board]
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) The Movie Quotes