Podcast #27: Best Dance/Music Numbers in Film!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Mar 4th, 2014

Hi, Bryan Here….


Here we our with out 27th podcast. I can’ve believe we are at 27 weeks already. And we are now past the half year mark.  As usual, we always start out with some sort of list. For the 27th week, we decided to talk about the best song and dance numbers of all time in film. We had some pretty amazing picks, which at times we broke out singing during this fun podcast. Please let us know, what you thought or if we missed any songs by going to our FACEBOOK page, which you should visit to catch up on all the latest information. And don’t forget to visit iTunes and subscribe to our podcast. Enjoy the show.

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Movie Quotes

Fletcher Reede:
[exclaims] AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! My client LIED about her age, she was only seventeen when she got married which makes her a minor. And in the great state of California, no minor can enter into any legal contract without parental consent, including?
[looks at Dana]
Dana Appleton:
Prenuptial agreements.
Fletcher Reede:
Prenuptial agreements! This contract is VOID. The fact that my client has been ridden more than Seattle Slew is irrelevant. Standard community property applies and she is entitled to half the marital assests, or $11.395 million dollars. Jordan fades back, shwoosh, and THAT'S THE GAME! Nothing further, your honor.
Dana Appleton:
[breaks pencil]
Judge Marshall Stevens:
[talks to crows] Quiet. In light of this new evidence, the court must rule in favor of Mrs. Cole. She is hearby awarded half the marital assests.
[pounds gavel]
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