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Ed Helms

Funnyman Ed Helms, known far and wide to those of us that loved ‘The Hangover‘ as Dr. Stuart Price, is developing ‘Epic Fail‘ or #fail as I will now refer to it, with Nicky Weinstock for Lionsgate.

Helms will also star in the action-comedy. The main theme is following an elite but unconventional Special Forces team that takes their dysfunction and excessive firepower on a desperate mission to save America, led by the only soldier more badass and more mustachioed than a Navy Seal: The Walrus. I had to double check this was not part of the ‘Hot Shots‘ film cannon before I moved on after hearing ‘The Walrus’. No one could take Lloyd Bridges place in the comedy world, but I can see Helms being the perfect example to slip into the role for this generation.

Writers Mike Arnold and Chris Poole are working together on the screenplay. The pair have multiple scripts in development stages including ‘The Grackle‘, a comedy about a Southern barfly who helps locals settle legal disputes with his fists, Matthew McConaughey and David O. Russell have been attached to the project, but it is still in development.

You know when they agreed on the title there was plenty of talk about how smart it was to hand critics a review before they even see it. I’m fighting pretty hard against making the obvious joke about failure with it’s title, but I wonder how many people will turn the title against the filmmakers by calling it an Epic Fail.


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