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As we all know, J.J. Abrams has directed the last two ‘Star Trek‘ films, but earlier this year, we reported that he was asked to direct the upcoming ‘Star Wars‘ sequels, which he happily accepted. That being said, he has no time to do another ‘Star Trek‘ film in the near future, as he will be busy making the ‘Star Wars’ films. And as of the last 48 hours, Disney has told Abrams that ‘Star Wars’ MUST be released in 2015, which is putting this ‘Star Wars‘ project in rush mode, due to Abrams taking over script duties.

But now, Paramount has put out an offer to Joe Cornish, the director of the amazing ‘Attack the Block‘ film, to direct ‘Star Trek 3‘. Since ‘Attack The Block’, Cornish has stayed mostly out of the director’s chair and has helped his friend Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) write ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’, according to Deadline,  and the upcoming ‘Ant-Man‘ movie for Marvel.


This is awesome news, as Cornish is one hell of a director. If you don’t believe me, I implore you to check out ‘Attack The Block‘. It’s like ‘The Goonies‘, but with aliens in London. The dodgy end. The third film is set to being shooting next summer.



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