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Nothing is confirmed at this moment and is merely a rumor we are hearing around right now, but it looks like Mel Gibson might be joining Stallone in ‘The Expendables 3‘. At one point, Stallone wanted Gibson to direct the third adventure, but Gibson declined. However, that wouldn’t necessarily stop him from acting in the piece. and Gibson needs all the work he can get right now as a lot of people in Hollywood do not want to work with him, due to his crazy antics.

I’m the first to admit, I like Mel Gibson. I think he has talent, despite his horrible film ‘The Passion of the Christ‘, but he has amazing acting chops and with ‘Braveheart‘ and ‘Apocalypto‘, he has shown he does a damn fine job behind the camera as well. We recently wrote about all of the actors joining this third film, and while I’d love to see Gibson in this, it might be overkill. Maybe save him for the fourth film? We also hear that the role Stallone wants him for is the main villain, which could be all sorts of awesome and good for his career.

If indeed Gibson takes this role like Showbiz411 says he will, I fully expect Danny Glover to reprise his role as Roger Murtaugh from ‘Lethal Weapon‘ and just yell out ‘Heeyyy Riggs‘ constantly. It would seriously be EPIC! We will update you as soon as we know more, but this seems like it would be an amazing addition.

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2 thoughts on “Mel Gibson Might Be The Latest Old Guy To Join ‘The Expendables 3’!!!”
  1. YES!! Mel IS still the man; I do not give a flying monkey-rip what the Hollyweird shmucks say.

    Bruce Willis proved these legends are NOT washed up, as far as bad-ass acting… and Mel is still more talented (much more so than Willis) and funny.

  2. I agree. Mel is a good actor and I think Hollywood is full of A**holes for not using him. The didn’t use him in Hangover 2 because of a drunken rant with an ex gf, but they were completely fine using a convicted rapist (Mike Tyson) in the first one? Give me a break.

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