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What a great season finale of “The Walking Dead”! There is a lot to talk  about between Rick vs the Governor, Carl vs. Rick and of course all the people that died. Lets get to it!  The scene begins with a pulsating pupil of an eye. As the camera pulls out, you realize it is The Governors eye and that he is in the process of beating up someone. He is talking to the person about all the risks he took with killing the biters. A man replies that he was going to use them on whoever showed up. The Governor replied that he was and that eight of his men died. The Governor then takes another swing and the camera points to Milton taking the blow. The Governor states about how he kept him safe and feed. Milton replies with at as long as he turns the other way. Milton asks him what would his daughter think of the man he has become.


The Governor replied that she would be scared of him, but would still be alive. Milton asks if he killed Andrea. The scene changes to The Governor throwing Milton into the room with Andrea. She pleads for the Governor to stop this. The Governor plans to kill everyone in the prison. He sends Milton over to the table to retrieve the tools. Still weak, he drops them and picks all of them up but a pair of pliers. Milton brings them back and The Governor takes a knife off the tray. The Governor wants Milton to kill Andrea and will not let him leave the room until he does. Milton walks over to Andrea, spins around and lunges at the Governor. He misses and the Governor stabs him repeatedly in the gut. The Governor then leaves him for dead. He tells Milton that he will now turn and eat her. The final words to them are “In this life, you kill and you die; or you die and you kill”


In the prison, Carl and everyone else is packing and loading vehicles to leave.  He is going through his stuff and he looks at a picture of him and his parents.  He pulls out his dads star, puts that in his pocket, grabs his stuff and leaves. Carl walks towards the car and when Rick tries to talk to him, he yanks his arm away. Glen comments that he has never seen him this mad, even with Lori. Rick replies that he is still a kid and it is easy to forget. Rick then looks up and sees pregnant “Ghost Lori” again. Carol and Daryl talk about how Merle gave them a chance. Michonne tells Rick that she understands about thinking on the deal. Rick apologizes to her for it. Michonne thanks Rick for taking her in. Rick tells her that it is Carl that made the call and said that she was one of them.


The Governor and his troops are loading up to leave. He is yelling at them to remember the 8 people killed. He tells them that they are going to end this once and for all. Tyresse and Sasha  stop him and tell him that they will not fight other people.  They want to stay behind and watch  the children. Tyresse says that when the Governor gets back and wants them gone then no hard feelings. The Governor hands him and machine gun and says thank you. The scene cuts to them driving up to the prison and shooting it up. They blow up the guard towers and mow down all the walkers in the fields. In the process of doing that, their truck with the machine gun gets stuck on the spikes. They drive into the inner portion of the prison and look around. Seeing no one, they pull open a door and enter into the prison. They see no one in the common area and no one in the cells. Hershel left out an open Bible and the Governor reads and discards it. In the common area, they hear noises coming from the tombs. The group goes down to check it out.


Milton is slumped on the floor dying. He tells Andrea about the pliers on the floor. She begins to reach to get them. She tells him that she is going to get them both out of there and that he is going to be ok. Milton tells her that she is going to get out of the chains and then stab him in the head. He tells her to keep trying.


The Governor and his group are exploring the tombs. They can still hear noises down below. The scene changes to Tyresse and Sasha in the room with the kids. They talk about possibly having to slip out before the Governor comes back. The scene changes to Andrea still trying to get the pliers. Milton is still alive. He asks her why she still stayed when she found out about everyone. She tells him that she wanted to save everyone and have no one die. Milton says that he is still there and still alive. He then tells that she needs to hurry. Andrea kicks off her boots and begins to try to pick up the pliers.


The Governor and his group walk into a trap. They ignite small explosions and cause the alarm to go off. As they are all running out of the prison, Maggie and Glen (in riot armour) begin to fire on them from the breezeway. Glen, Beth and Hershel are watching from the woods. The people from Woodbury run into their vehicles and drive away. Glen and Maggie smile and say  we did it. Jody, from Woodbury, is running in the woods and run up Hershel and Carl. Hershel tells Jody to drop the weapon. Jody begin to hand the gun over to Carl and Carl shoots him in the head. Hershel watches in horror. Carl is in shock.


Rick and his group regroup in at the prison gate. Daryl and Michonne wants to go after them. Maggie says that they barely made it back alive. In the common room, Carl tells Rick that he wants to go to Woodbury. When Rick protests, Carl argues that he did his job in the woods. Carl tells him that Jody drew on the group and that he is going to Woodbury. When Carl walks away, Hershel tells Rick that Carl shot Jody for no reason. Rick started to argue but Hershel got his point across.


The Governor pulls ahead of his convoy and yells at them to pull over. The convoy pulls over and everyone gets out. The Governor is shouting that they need to continue fighting and the people are saying no. Allen is the only one agreeing with the Governor. Karen is talking about how they are not soldiers and in that moment the Governor snaps. He begins shooting into the crowd. Allen draws on him and when he can’t shoot, the Governor kills him. The Governor then goes into the field and begins to shoot the dead. The camera shows Karen under a body waiting. The Governor stops shooting, leaving a few bodies (including the one on Karen) and gets back into the truck. He motions for Martinez and a soldier to get in.  They get in with some hesitation and the Governor drives away.


Andrea is still trying to get out of the chains. She continues to check on Milton to see if he is alive. She finally gets the pliers in her hand when the camera shows one of Miltons hands moving.


Rick, Michonne and Daryl are packing up to go to Woodbury. Rick goes and talks to Carl about him shooting Jody. Rick asks if he was handing the gun over. Carl is stating that he had just attacked them and he could not take a risk.  Carl brings up not killing the walker that killed  Dale. He tells Rick that he did not kill Andrew and that he came back and killed Lori. He states that he was in a room with the Governor and let him go, then he killed Merle. Carl said he did what he had to do and then tells Rick to go. Carl drops the sheriff star on the ground in front of Rick and walks away.  Glen and Maggie tell Rick that they decide to stay. Rick and the group drive upon the convoy on the road. Daryl and Michonne kill the “new” walkers. Karen comes out of hiding in a truck and tells Rick what happened.


Andrea is still in a chain when Milton comes back as a walker. She begins to frantically try to get herself out of the chains. Milton starts to walk towards her mouth opened. The scene shows the door to the room, but you can hear her yell and struggle. Then you hear some hitting noises and a thump.


It is now darkfall and Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Karen are walking up to the wall at Woodbury.Tyreese and Sasha begin to fire on them. There is a moment of cross fire when Karen yells out to Tyresse.  He ask if she is ok and where the Governor is. She tells him that she is fine and that he fired on everyone and killed them all.  He asks why she is with Rick and she says he saved her. Rick yells that they are coming out. Daryl looks at him like he is nuts. They come out while Tyresse and Sasha come out. Tyresse asked Rick while they were there. Rick says that they were coming to finish everything until they saw what had happened. He tells Tyresse that Andrea never made it to the prison and that she might be here. The scene changes to all of them looking for Andrea in a hallway. Daryl states that this is where they had Glen and Maggie and Tyresse is shocked that the Governor held people there.  They come up to the door and see a pool of blood coming from behind it. Rick kicks open the door and you see a dead Milton and Andrea  against the wall. Michonne runs to her and comments how she is burning up. Andrea then pulls back her jacket and shows bite marks. Andrea asks about everyone and Rick lies and tell her that everyone is ok. Andrea says how happy she is that Michonne hooked up with Rick. She comments on how nobody can make it alone out there and Daryl says that he never could. Andrea states how she did not want anyone to die. Andrea wants to shoot herself while she still can. Rick giver her a gun and Michonne stays behind while everyone steps out. Andrea last words were “I tried”. The camera pulls away and show Daryl, Tyresse and Rick sitting and you hear a gunshot.


The sun is coming up over the prison. You see Daryl, a truck and a bus driving up into the prison. Everyone comes out of the prison to see what is going on. Tyresse is helping people off the bus and Carl asks Rick what is going on. Rick tells Carl that they are going to join them and Carl shakes his head and walks off. Rick looks up to see if Lori is there and she is not. Rick smiles and looks down. The last shot is the cross over Lori’s grave.


I was not shocked at the death of Milton and Andrea. I was, however, saddened by the death of Milton. I knew after Merle was killed that there would be others that would lose their lives for the greater good. I am very glad that Tyresse and Sasha stood up for what was right and joined Ricks group. I think bringing the people back to the prison was a good idea. I wonder how the dynamic will now be in the prison.  I hope they packed enough supplies to make it through another attack. We all know the Governor will be coming back. I am not sure how the storyline in the graphic novel pans out, but I am definitely looking forward to it. The most interesting storyline that has coming out of this is the issue friction between Carl and Rick. I know that Carl is the child in this, but remember that he has grown up in this world and has matured well beyond his years. This season ended with Rick coming back to reality. I know that he will be able to handle Carl. Season four will be promising with all the change up in production and writing. I will see you in October.



By Bryan Kluger

Former husky model, real-life Comic Book Guy, genre-bending screenwriter, nude filmmaker, hairy podcaster, pro-wrestling idiot-savant, who has a penchant for solving Rubik's Cubes and rolling candy cigarettes on unreleased bootlegs of Frank Zappa records.

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