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This past Saturday at the New York Comic Con, Bruce Campbell unleashed tons of information, answered rabid fan’s questions, and even showed footage from the highly anticipated remake of Sam Raimi’s 80’s horror film ‘The Evil Dead’.  Also in attendance at the ‘Evil Dead’ panel was director Fede Alvarez and the movie’s main star, Jane Levy.

The panel showed the trailer for the film.  We are told that the trailer started out with some text that you might recognize from the previous films, with some shots of a cabin in the woods, the return of the rape trees, a certain classic car, fog on the forest floor, and the Necronomicon.  Then, all hell broke loose in this RED BAND trailer, which we hear caused a huge reaction by the crowd.  There were fast glimpses of demons, possession, chainsaws, and ultra violent self-mutilation.

Alvarez talked about loving and seeing the original ‘Evil Dead’ film at an early age and falling in love with it.  Campbell said, “The point is, it’s time to give these people what they want – a new experience done with handsome young thespians covered in new buckets of blood, from a new director hand-picked by Sam Raimi himself. You are impatient people and we know you need blood pouring out of every orifice. Your shit will be just as freaked as it was in the original. If you want me to crown her the new Ash? I will put that crown on my fucking self.”

The new film comes out April 12th of next year, and that can’t come soon enough.  Below is an image of the new film, which looks pretty fucking good.



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