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Writer/director/producer Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Funny People) brings audiences This Is 40, an original comedy that expands upon the story of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) from the blockbuster hit Knocked Up as we see first-hand how they are dealing with their current state of life.  Looks like Apatow is straying a bit away from the toilet humor with each film he makes.  This looks very good, however I will miss Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Martin Starr, and Jonah Hill in this film.  Enjoy the trailer.  ‘This is 40’ releases December 21st, 2012.

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One Response to “Check Out the Trailer for Judd Apatow’s ‘This is 40’, the Sort-Of Sequel to ‘Knocked Up’!!!”

  1. sportsbot Says:

    no mention of megan fox in a bra & panties? way to bury the lead!

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