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So here is Colin Farrell in the remake of ‘Total Recall‘ directed by Len Wiseman.  While some of you might be all over this, I’m keeping my distance.  First off, Len Wiseman has yet to impress anyone as a director.  He was responsible for ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ and ‘Underworld: Evolution’.  While I quite enjoy Colin Farrell and think he would do great in the film, this trailer just falls flat and looks just like every piece of shit PG-13 action film of the last couple years.

So I guess this takes place in an ‘Inception-y’ future like world and it looks like there will be no Mars.  No aliens.  An no lack of air supply.  This just looks really bad and something I’m not really on board with.  I really do enjoy this film and Philip K. Dick’s story, but this remake is shaping up to be a bad decision.  Movie opens Aug. 3rd.


What you folks think?


By Bryan Kluger

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