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That was fast.  Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in an independent film titled ‘Jobs’.  Joshua Michael Stern will direct from a screenplay by Matt Whiteley according to Variety.  Stern is mostly known for directing the Kevin Costner vehicle ‘Swing Vote’ while I can’t find anything Whiteley has done.  This might be his first big project.

The film will follow Steve Jobs from his younger days to him being the co-founder of Apple.  The film will start shooting early this summer while Kutcher is on break from ‘Two and Half Men’. I won’t be surprised to see a few other Steve Jobs films and documentaries coming out this year or next.  I believe Sony Pictures already has one in development as well.


Kutcher is by no means my first choice, but I’ve seen in his past films that he has a bit of acting chops in him.  I just hopes he pulls this off.  There are tons of Apple fanatics out there who are going to be putting this under a microscope, so Kutcher better be ready.  But I hope I’m wrong in thinking this was a poor casting decision.


Your thoughts?




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