Eckhart to be Hot Again as ‘Beach Boys’ Drummer!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Oct 17th, 2011

The Bishop Charlotte Reporting….

Excuse my language up there, but he is. Moving on.

Aaron Eckhart is set to play Dennis Wilson in The Drummer, a biopic based on the last six years of Wilson’s life. The man’s best music was written during this period; his solo masterpiece “Pacific Ocean Blue” came out shortly before his tragic and sudden death in 1983. The only Beach Boy who actually surfed, Wilson drowned in the Marina Del Rey. If it’s shown in the movie, it will probably gain similar reviews as 127 Hours – harrowing, violent images at the end while the rest of the movie is haunting and beautiful.

Eckhart is reportedly learning how to play drums, piano, and sing so that he can portray Wilson to a T. Good luck to him – that’s not easy stuff. If he pulls it off, however, he will be even hot— you know what, I’m not going there. Ha.

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