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Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to ‘Turkey Bowl’, which will star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.  The both starred in the not so buddy action cop comedy ‘The Other Guys’ recently and will team up again for this comedy about rival football towns and teams.

Per Deadline:  “…..Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as guys from football-obsessed towns who lead rival teams in an annual tackle football game for bragging and trash-talking rights.”  Word is that they plan to pack the film with tons of great cameos like they did in “Anchorman”.  Alec Baldwin is already signed on to play Wahlberg’s father.

This is shaping up to be a pretty great comedy.  Hopefully Steve Carrell, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, and a few others will make their way to this great sounding project.  Looking forward to this.

Your thoughts?

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