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As we previously reported HERE, Matt Damon will not be returning to the Bourne franchise nor will director Paul Greengrass who directed the last two films.  Because of this, there will be “The Bourne Legacy” with Tony Gilroy attached to direct.  Tony Gilroy has been involved writing the last three Bourne films.

According to Deadline, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass have said they may return to the Bourne universe some day, but not anytime soon.  And for the studio, this Bourne franchise brings in too much money for them to wait.  So “The Bourne Legacy” is on its way and takes place in the Bourne universe we have all come to know.

The lead that will replace Matt Damon now is none other than actor, Jeremy Renner.  Renner was in Hurt Locker, The Town, 28 Weeks Later, and the upcoming Avengers film which he will play Hawkeye.  Renner will also star opposite Tom Cruise in the upcoming Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol film.

Is it safe to say Renner is the new Harrison Ford??  Three franchise films!!!  Bourne, Avengers, and Mission: Impossible!  WOW.

Your thoughts??

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